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From fresh fruit to fresh laundry, this is where local Airbnb hosts go for the basics.

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Take a tour and go to under William Penn's feet at the top of the building. Or just go hang out in the courtyard where it's quiet. Of course you can also go to the west side of the building where D... read more

City Hall is the world's tallest masonry building and basically serves as the geographic center of the city (at the intersection of Broad and Market streets). It's the most iconic building in Phi... read more

Philadelphia City Hall, located at 1 Penn Square, is the seat of government for the city of Philadelphia, in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. City Hall is the world's tallest masonry building. At ... read more

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Stock up on food. From the hot bar to the freezer to great produce to the pickles they have it all.. and their 365 Brand of goods is a quite reasonable value for the health conscious.

This is a pleasant 20 minute walk from our house. Leave the house, head north on 10th until you run into it at 10th & South Streets.

For those looking for health food and great organic options, whole foods has a free parking lot and lots of variety.

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Near the Trader Joe's, this Whole Foods Market provides plenty of high quality and organic food items.

This was recently redone and it is AMAZING. Has local food vendors in it - be sure to check out Dizengoff for the best hummus in Philadelphia.

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California grocery shopping just around the corner! Stock up on veggies, frozen foods & more. All that's missing is Two Buck Chuck. (Wine only sold at Spirits Store - closest is 2040 Market Street)

I'm lucky to have one so close by - just a few blocks away. It's walkable if you don't buy too much in one go. The entrance is hidden at the back of the building. [they don't deliver - I've asked :... read more

Also, there is a fully stocked corner store at the corner of 2200 Arch two blocks away. Walk up to 2200 and Cherry and turn left and walk to the corner one block and it is on your right hand side.... read more

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Mariposa offers earthy-crunchy grocery shopping 3.5 blocks away. Fresh fruits and veggies, eggs, milk, vegan options, sandwiches, dry goods, gift items, personal health items, bulk foods.

Part of a national group of food co-ops, Mariposa has all kinds of healthy, organic, local, and regular/conventional foods, plus toiletries, greetings cards, and fairly traded souvenirs.

Large modern health food store (and simultaneously still a legit community food coop) -- Support local community run business and local farms by shopping here! Get interesting local products and no... read more


ACME Markets

EssentialsGrocery Stores
$$· 1400 E Passyunk Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

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"Regular" run of the mill grocery store. Have italian specialties, but otherwise, basics.

Acme is your big grocery stores with all the brands you know. This is your typical grocery store that also has some organic options to choose from.

There are unfortunately no grocery stores right in my neighborhood, but this is one of the closer ones (also Fresh Grocer on Grey's Ferry Avenue, Trader Joes on 22nd and Market, Shop Rite down on O... read more

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Only a 5 minute walk to a "Full" Grocery Store. Its a micro version for those not used to urban Supermarkets.

The local grocery store with a wide selection of fresh fruit and veggies, prepared foods, made-to-order deli sandwiches, and all your typical staples.

This place is super convenient if you need a quick pick up of a few items. For a small supermarket, they have a great selection - They carry some organic canned beans, frozen edamame, milk, and yog... read more

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Kinda crazy busy when Penn students are in town, but otherwise a good, quite large grocery store. There is a parking garage with free parking if you spend $10.

A short trip from your stay, you will find a large supermarket that is open 24 hours. There is plenty to do and see around the area near Penn's beautiful campus.

They are open 24/7. Carry typical grocery items, has a salad bar, hot prepared food and other items such as toiletries, over the counter pharmaceuticals/ first aid, basic clothing and stationary it... read more

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This hidden speakeasy bar has a strict policy: cash only + 2 drink minimum + gentlemen must wear dress shoes + no shorts are permitted. Ring the door bell upon arrival, and someone will come out a... read more

This NYC style hip hidden speak easy is a secrete to most and an absolute unique experience with cocktails that will taste so good you'll be shocked.. Cash only and requires a certain understandin... read more

Speakeasy style bar in Chinatown, with great cocktails. Be prepared to wait in line on weekends. Dress code enforced (and strictly no sneakers). Cash only. The guy at the door is probably Mr. L... read more

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You don't have to be a member. Great premade food: sandwiches, sushi, soups. Local produce. Shop here if you like local, organic foods and don't mind spending a bit extra. BYO bag, or they charge.

My local co-op - you can find just about any grocery item in this small, but packed store. They have specialty items, many locally sourced products, and products that support any allergy or food re... read more

Awesome little co-op. Stop for fresh local organic fruit and produce. Impressive organic/all-natural beef, chicken, sausage, etc. Excellent coffee section, boasting well over a dozen blends of... read more

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Great little coffee shop just a block away. Turn left on Baltimore. Good coffee, essentials available but a bit pricey. Great soups and sandwiches, ect...

Milk and Honey Market is a cafe, restaurant, corner store that you can see from my back door. Whether you need an espresso, a breakfast sandwich, an icecream cone, or a quart of milk, they've got it.

Small botique grocer/deli with fresh-made sandwiches, soups and salads. Free wifi and great coffee. $$

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Home of the legendary tofu hoagie. Packed full of tasty snacks and an unusual amount of fancy chocolate. But get the tofu hoagie.

People love the Tofu hoagies here. You can also buy a limited range of produce and a pretty good selection of non-alcoholic beverages here. It is cash only, but there is an ATM inside the store.

Run by a nice faily. Smal but well stocked. High traffic, so milk, bread and to-fu are fresh. Good Hoagie Counter. Makes the best To-Fu Hoagies ever!



EssentialsConvenience Stores
1405 South 10th Street·Map·Hours·Website·

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Closest Pharmacy/everything shop. Pretty sure it's open 24/7

1 block away for general merchandise, beauty products, cosmetics, over-the-counter and prescription drugs

Includes Pharmacy. Store open 24 hours. 3 blocks from the house.


ACME Markets

EssentialsGrocery Stores
$$· 7010 Germantown Ave·Map·Hours·Website·

14 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Great, convenient, clean, well-stocked grocery store in walking distance!

A decent, inexpensive chain if you want the basics. The closest supermarket to us.

It is an Acme but very impressive. The service is great! Good meats, seafood and produce. Best Fried Chicken around but make sure it is fresh. Only 4 blocks from my place. Open until 11pm 7 da... read more

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Health Food store with delicious hot bar about one block. Sure it's a little expensive, and the staff is at times a little super friendly, but it's high quality healthy food and goods. We love it!

Like an even pickier Whole Foods. Mostly vegan, started as a place the original owner could have his often very ill clients shop at freely. Best vegan hot food bar in the city. Also beauty/medicine.

This is an old-school health food grocery store (think pre-whole foods days). Everything from a wonderful eat-in/take out cafeteria to anything you may need to fill the pantry and more. High quali... read more

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Well-known gourmet grocery in the heart of the famous Italian Market showcasing meats, cheeses & prepared foods, plus specialty items.

Old Italian Style Grocery Store: acclaimed gourmet destination purveying cheeses, breads & specialty items, plus prepared foods.

You should visit and walk around the Italian Market. DiBruno Bros and neighboring Claudio's are the quintessential shop experience. Taste cheese, buy antipasti, enjoy life.

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Two blocks away for all the essentials.

Not only is it open 24/7, but you can use my phone number to get 20% off!

Get 20% off with my discount code!

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Closest regular (non whole foods) grocery store. More affordable.

This may not be the best grocery store you may never step foot in, but it is the closest. Usually a produce truck is also selling fruits and veg right across the parking lot.

Everyday grocery store. Produce section is pretty good!

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This is my favourite neighborhood shop for produce, snacks and beer. They usually have the freshest produce, best prices, and friendliest staff.

Amazingly deep selection and the occasional beers. As an added bonus, there is a 10% discount for mix and match 6 pack.

Small grocery spot with an accompanied bottle shoppe attached! Perfect for last minute items, a 6 pack of beer, or a wedge of brie!

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24 hour supermarket and hot food

Everything you need at 24hr place. Great food pre-made and frozen all at a good price.

Fresh Grocer Great supermarket close to the house. Open very late and it has plenty of already prepared and cooked foods as well.

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One of our convenient neighborhood markets, great for picking up a few things. It’s about a 10 minute walk from our place.

The corner market, where they still bag your groceries for you ... and can deliver them on a bike, too. Closes at 10p daily; also usually open holidays w/ limited hours.

Local grocery store that offers all items necessary for the perfect night in whipping up a classic dish.

22 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The only 24 hour pharmacy in West Philadelphia--super convenient in a pinch! Walking distance, but has a parking lot if you have a car.

Great place to find all kind of things - 24/7 open

Our closest chain pharmacy. 15 min walk and 6 min drive. Open 24 hours. 1 hour photo (but their photo machine doesn't always work so call first to make sure it is working).

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The Acme is on the 2nd floor of the shopping plaza at 2nd & Girard Avenue. You can get inside by using the stairs or elevator around the corner on 2nd Street.

This is a local supermarket. I think they are open till at least 11pm. It is ok, it's not amazing but it's clean and the produce is good, free parking.

Its close and there is a Starbucks cafe inside. Actually has an amazing view from the 2nd floor parking lot. Its hard to find the entrance, so ask people to tell you how to get in.

15 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's convenient for personal items and many grocery item as well.

Always good to know where the closest drug store is.

Local store for this national chain.

13 local Airbnb hosts recommend

It's 24/7 so perfect in case you forget anything or need something quickly.

24 hour convenience store if you need any essentials.

13 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The closest drugstore with pharmacy.

This drug store is less then 5 minutes walk from my house and has great prices

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Great place to get prepared gourmet food to take and eat in Rittenhouse Park. Offers many types of cheese.

The second and much larger location to a Philly staple that offers some of the most exclusive foods in the country. Cheeses are found here that are found nowhere else in the states.

Specialty store w/ prepared foods, seafood, endless cheese, and everyday items.


Rite Aid

EssentialsEverything Else in Essentials
$$· 704-20 East Passyunk Avenue·Map·Hours·Website·

2 local Airbnb hosts recommend

They are a super Rite Aid - lots of food!

8 local Airbnb hosts recommend

First & Last stop on the SEPTA #2 bus line, easy on/off pick-up anything and get it all home, so simple, to your airbnb...

Walking distance to the grocery store!