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America's first zoo!! 42 acres and is home to over 1,300 animals. Many children's features such as paddleboat lake,a rain forest themed carousel and lots of educational exhibits.

The oldest zoo in the USA. It is especially known as a breeding facility for animals that are hard to breed in captivity. Today, the zoo covers 42 acres and has more than 1300 animals.

The zoo has come a long way, I just went again recently. Although it always is hard for me to see animals at the zoo sometimes because I feel bad for them, they have made some nice improvements tha... read more

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Take me out to the ballgame. Super easy to get to the stadiums from our place. Walk one block to Broad and South, hop on the subway going south, get off at AT&T station.

If you're looking to spend a day at the ball game—as long as they are playing at home—you can see the the top rated mascot in all major sports (The Phillie Phanatic). Cheering on the Phillies in pe... read more

Philadelphia Phillies Stadium. Easy to get to. 10 mins by car from my home. Really fun place to catch a baseball game. Great vibe and great tailgaiting.

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In this area, you will find all of Philadelphia's professional sports stadiums. Perhaps you could catch a Phillies game. For drinks go to XFinity Live just next to the stadiums.

Eagles are on fire this year! Definitely head down to K Lot to tailgate!

Philadelphia Eagles Stadium. Cheap Uber ride away or 10 mins by your car. Catch the birds in all their glory or a popular summer concert here. GREAT tailgaiting scene.

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Located in the Sports Complex along with Lincoln Financial Field and Citizen's Bank Park, the home of Philadelphia's Sports teams. There is easy public transportation from BnB to the Sports Complex.

Home of 76ers and the Flyers, they also host some amazing concerts and even the circus. All stadiums are within an easy walk of the house.

This is where the 76ers and Flyers home is. Easy drive or Uber. Roughly 10 minutes by car!

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Fun low impact exercise where drinks and snacks can accompany a fun evening right around the block.

Feel like having a beer or two while pitching a heavy ball down a lane? Do it here with several of your friends or make new ones. This place is always packed.

North Bowl is a great spot for a group, family or just a couple looking to hang out. It has 18 lanes with a live DJ on most nights, great bar and drinks, good bar food, pool tables, pinball games,... read more

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Also has Battleship NJ, Wiggins Park/Marina/Ferry to Philly, & a concert venue.

Another rainy day spot for kids.

It's not like Baltimore's aquarium but still close and good.

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Dave&B's is an all around fun time for the family and friends!

Arcade games + beer = good times!

This a huge Adult and Kid friendly arcade place. It has a full bar and the food is your typical bar food. Very fun place to hang out and play some games.

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Indoor BYOB Miniature Golf Course and Arcade. Enough said.

Fun local mini-golf. Indoors and within 4 blocks of the rental.

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Walkable. Lovely stroll along the Brandywine river (2 blocks north) will bring you to the rose garden and the Wilmington Zoo.

Little neighborhood zoo right on Brandywine Park close to the river and walking trails.

Walking distance to our Airbnb. Great little zoo.

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This is one of our local rock climbing gyms. They have a knowledgable staff. They have folks that can belay for you for a fee. I would suggest calling ahead to make sure they can accommodate you... read more

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Drive around and see the murals or take a tour bus. Worth seeing.

Visit many of the famous local Philadelphia Murals totally FREE!

One of the coolest things about Philadelphia. This place has trolley tours to see some of Philadelphia's endless murals...

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The mission of the Fleisher Art Memorial is to make art accessible to everyone, regardless of economic means, background, or artistic experience.

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Tennis, dog park, children playground, tennis court, general park area

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Bring the kids. Summer fun, and seasonal parades also availlable

A great theme park for the young and young at heart.

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Tour operator specializing in trolley & double-decker-bus trips around town to see famous sights.

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Play some disc golf here! There are usually sets for you to borrow or rent.

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The N Crowd This is a great Improv show that bases its acts off the crowd that night. Only on Fridays at 7pm. So get tickets in advance, pretty cheap at $10-15 in most cases. Small theatre but a... read more

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Since 1929, every Saturday night watch'em bust those broncos. Flea and farmers market all day Tuesday and Saturday too!

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A must-see area where the USA began its roots! Visit Ben Franklin's ruins, The Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross' house, and many of the museums that reflect American history.

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Great spot for drinks and bowling

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Check out a Union game (in season)

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Great playground with lots of equipment for the 3-10 set.

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Houses hundreds of animals representing 100 species. It has a focus on North and South American animals but is home to animals from around the world!

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Awesome playground around the block from our house!

We play baseball here in the Spring! The Playground equipment is just a few years old. Spray ground in the summer! Basic local Park

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Fun for the kids and the family.