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This is how local Airbnb hosts recommend you get anywhere. Be it by land, sky, or sea.

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Major airport. About 45Mins-1HR to Condo. Take 405 North to 134 East. Exit and turn left onto Laurel Canyon Blvd. Make right turn onto Riverside. Turn left onto Beck. Condo located on corner!

Fly into LAX Welcome to LAX Official Website - Los Angeles World Airports Los Angeles World Airports

About 15 min from Apt Expo with no traffic, up to 45 min in really bad traffic. Trains don't connect directly yet. You can expect the ride to cost between $20-$30.00 via Taxi, bit less via Uber ... read more

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Just down the Boulevard from us, you can walk to a ton of clothing shops and chain restaurants, near all the theaters, a fountain where kids are running around, and pretty nice views of the Hollywo... read more

You will need a tap card. They cost a dollar then you must add value to it to ride the train or the bus. If you will be taking public transit all day, get a day pass. You can get the card at the b... read more

The other closest Metro station. This is the Red line and will take you to Universal Studios or Downtown, where you can take another train to Santa Monica, Long Beach or Pasadena. Here you can also... read more

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Friendly, hassle-free airport offering great airline schedules and access to all of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Airport oode BUR.

This is the easiest airport to fly into but it can be more expensive than LAX since it's a business airport serving mostly the studios

Most local airport -10mins from Condo. Make right turn onto Hollywood Way. Make right turn onto Magnolia Blvd. Make left turn onto Irvine. Make left onto Addison. Turn right at Beck!!!

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Easy transport 2 min from property...take 2 stops to get to Hollywood & Highland or Universal Studios, Downtown L.A., and Pasadena, Long Beach.

Catch the Metro Red Line here to head toward Silver Lake or Downtown L.A., where you can transfer to the Blue Line to go all the way to Long Beach.

One of the closest Metro stations. This is the Red line and will take you to Universal Studios or Downtown, where you can take another train to Santa Monica, Long Beach or Pasadena.

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This is one of the Metro stops on the Expo line that will take you to downtown LA and other Metro train connections. There is a large parking lot at this location. The other closest Metro stop is ... read more

The Expo Line is a light-rail line that runs between Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica. The line is named "Expo" after Exposition Boulevard, which it runs alongside for most of its route. Addr... read more

Culver City (formerly Culver Junction and Ivy) is an elevated light rail station in the Los Angeles Metro system located at the northeast edge of Downtown Culver City. A rail station since the 1800... read more

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Major subway station: Gold Line (Pasadena), Red Line (Hollywood), Blue Line (Long Beach), Green Line (Culver City/Santa Monica)

Subway station nearby. Not as close as Pershing Square station. You can ride the subway to Hollywood, Culver City, Koreatown, or even the beach in Santa Monica. The city is your oyster.

The train can actually be faster than driving to get to Santa Monica, if you're combatting morning or evening rush hour. Lets you off a 2-minute walk from Santa Monica Pier. Also useful if you're... read more

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Highland Park is a rail station in the Los Angeles County Metro Rail system. It is located near the intersection of North Avenue 57 at Marmion Way (one block north of North Figueroa Street) in the ... read more

$1.75 one way ride $7 day pass quick train rides to South Pasadena, Old Town Pasadena, Downtown LA, Staples Center, coming soon: train all the way to the beach!

Your gateway to greater Los Angeles! Quick rides to South Pasadena, Pasadena, China Town, Little Tokyo, Downtown LA and Union station where you can catch all the other metro trains.

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Nice regional airport. Great if you plan to take any short trips during your stay to say Las Vegas or San Francisco.

20 minutes from the Long Beach Airport, perfect for out of town guests!

It is best to rent a car. Long Beach and Los Angeles are not public transportation friendly. You can plan to take public transportation, but It will take hours to get to where you want to go.

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It's an open mall. Many shops, including an Apple Store and a movie theater. You can also find a lot of touristy gadgets in the Farmers' Market usually cheaper than on Hollywood Blvd.

A must see 'staple' in LA - shops, food, vendors, old-school farmers market, films, fountains, a trolley, a must for families.

The Grove is a retail and entertainment complex in Los Angeles right next to the historical Farmers Market. It's also kid friendly and it has an old free trolley that travels along the path.

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Metro stop "Red Line" runs from downtown (Union Station) through Universal Studios into San Fernando Valley. Connects for transfers to other subway lines throughout route.

This Red Line train is clean and easy to access. Explore downtown or connect to other lines, or go North to Hollywood and Universal Studios.

Catch the red line here to go downtown or to Universal. Metro Tap cards are a buck so fill up the one we've left out for you.

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Best way to get to Hollywood, North Hollywood, or Union Station

If you walk to this metro stop from the house, I recommend that you walk up 6th street and head north to Hill. I would avoid taking 5th street.

Metro Train to go to North Hollywood, Union Station, or Wilshire.

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Take the Red Line to easily get to Hollywood and Downtown. It's only $1.50 each direction.

This is the North Hollywood stop on the Metro Red Line. It will take you to so many places throughout Los Angeles. Check out their map out online!

5 min walk to the metro station. Goes to Hollywood Blvd and Downtown. Cost about $1.75 to ride FREE transfers for 2 hours.

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Use and book your car online. If you walk in they'll charge you so much more.

Book ahead as it's a small local shop, lovely service and fast.

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Take a ferry to Santa Catalina Island, home to at least fifty endemic species that occur naturally on the island and nowhere else in the world. Also a great place to parasail.

If you want to spend a day on Catalina Island, you can catch the Catalina Express in downtown Long Beach. No cars on the island but you can rent a golf cart by the hour to see all of Catalina!

Take the Express to "26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is awaiting for" .... YOU!" Beautiful island for a day trip or longer. See buffalo roaming free on the in land or merely walk and pe... read more

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Closest train station where you can go to anywhere in the city. From Downtown LA to Pasadena or Santa Monica Pier. All accessible from here.

This red line station connects us to the whole rest of the city. It means we're only 15 minutes from North Hollywood or Downtown, and just one transfer away from Santa Monica or Long Beach. Tremend... read more

One of the nearest Red Line stops for L.A.'s metro system. From there, the rest of the city is easily accessible.

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2nd closest metro line... - Take bus 224 ($1.75) to get to our house, stop at Hortense right after the bridge.

Metro stop closest to the house. You can get downtown form this stop in 20 minutes or less! Its great!!

This is the closest Metro station to the house. It's $3 to park all day or it's a 5 minute Uber ride. From this Metro station you can access the Red line which will take you into Hollywood and do... read more

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Less then a mile from where you are. A train that will take you pretty much anywhere!

Trains run from here to all of LA including Hollywood, Downtown and LAX airport.

Nearest Metro - Red line to Downtown etc.

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Gold Line stop for more of Old Pasadena. Great restaurant Le Grande Orange Cafe. Be sure and check out Stats and the Green Hotel.

This train station will take you to down town Los Angeles where you can connect into Hollywood area. It passes through China Town as well as Highland Park Its a nice well kept train. I've always f... read more

Metro stop, right across the street from the loft! Use the TAP card from the loft to catch the Gold Line to Union Station transfer to the Red line for Hollywood & Universal City, or the Expo line t... read more

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The Metro is within walking distance of your vacation home. Easy to use at a low cost. This subway will take you directly to Hollywood Blvd or into Downtown Los Angeles, and many other must see loc... read more

Metro Red line (next stop Universal then downtown) and Orange bus line Red Line service hours are approximately from 5:00 AM until 12:45 AM daily. Metro Liner Orange Line BRT (bus rapid transitway)... read more

Major transportation hub which can connect you to Downtown Los Angeles and many parts of the San Fernando Valley. You can get pretty much anywhere in Los Angeles from this train/bus/subway station.

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This is a wonderful grocery store that has pretty much everything.

Largest supermarket with the widest selection. Great deals on beer, wine & alcohol.

Pavilions is a 5 minute walk from the space. It includes a grocery store, a pharmacy, and even a Starbucks!

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The Metro station is walking distance from home and is a great way to get to downtown. You can get around downtown by walking, busses and even automated bike rentals. Parking could be expensive and... read more

Metro and Bus top are very close. Metro is great to go to Downtown, LA live, Hollywood Bowl, Chinese Theater, Pantagens Theater, Universal Studios (all few blocks away). If you don't mind transfe... read more

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Subway station, within walking distance. Great access to Hollywood, Downtown (LA Live, Olvera Street, Garment District)

The Metro Red Line will take you thru Hollywood all the way downtown to Union Station. It's clean and a great way to see the city.

The Red Line Metro Station connects with the Exposition line which goes all the way to the Santa Monica Pier at the ocean. The Red Line station at Vermont and Santa Monica Blvd is easily accessible... read more

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Metro Gold Line Station — your portal to car-free Pasadena and Los Angeles via Metro Rail. Ask us to help you design your tour.

Gold Line picks up here. For LAX: Get on here, go to Union Station, and take the fly away shuttle ($7).

Metro station within walking distance. It will take you straight to Union Station in Los Angeles.

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Not everybody knows that there is a fast, clean and on time Metro System in LA. Your closest station is this one.

Closest Metro Stop + Orange Line Stop + lots of restaurants and bars near here. Take bus 224 to get to our house ($1.75)

Jump on the Metro ($1.50)! The North Hollywood station is the last stop, so there is no way to get lost. It will take you all over the city from Hollywood to Long Beach.

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Another convenient location to get on the Blue Line from downtown Long Beach. This train goes to Los Angeles and connects to the Red Line which runs from the LA Train station to Hollywood. Fare $5.

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They will pick you up opposed to you having to et to them.

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You'll need a car in Malibu as it's 27 miles long

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If you need a car, this is really conveniently located, and they are nice! I rent from there from time to time, and nothing beats being able to walk to the car rental office!

They will pick you up and take you in to get your rental.

A little further away from Midway Car Rental is Enterprise. If you rent a car you may take advantage of our free and secure underground parking.