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Unique things to do in California

Unique things to do in California

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Top-rated activities

Learn to Fly an airplane Above LA
Prior to boarding, pose like a seasoned pro for a photo shoot with the airplane. Once you’re on board, the pilot will give you an overview of the instruments and controls. After getting clearance from the tower, you’ll taxi to the runway for takeoff. Once at cruising altitude, you’ll learn basic flying skills in the training area over the Simi Valley. Then, grab hold of the controls and feel free to move about the skies, exploring LA by air. Finally, in preparation for landing, you’ll come back down to earth at Van Nuys Airport. Other things to note IMPORTANT : This experience is currently only offered as a private experience. The guest has to book both spots on the experience and will be allowed to bring an additional guest to sit in the back seat. Only one guest will be in the front seat. Approximate flight time is 40 mins Expect a cancellation if there is bad weather. Only two passengers are allowed per ride to create a guest-focused experience.
⭐️Learn to Surf and Get Free Photos
OUR GOAL IS FOR YOU TO HAVE AN EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE SURFING - whether its your first time or you're trying to advance your skills. We'll get suited up in the wetsuits I provide, grab the surfboards (we don't use 'one size fits all' Wavestorm boards - we offer custom boards in a variety of sizes to fit your needs) and head down to the sand. For the first 20-30 minutes we’ll be training on the beach, then it’s 60-80 minutes with an instructor in the ocean. The remaining time is yours to practice your skills and have fun in the water. The classes are taught by myself or one of our great instructors. We usually have the 2nd instructor helping in the water when the group exceeds 6-7 people. We will take photos of you in and out of the water in the last 10-15 minutes of the experience. These are not professional pics but a great memory for you, your friends and family. If you would like pro photos please inquire, we do offer them at an additional fee. If you want to book for kids under 12 yo - please contact me directly for private lessons Your safety is our main priority that is why myself and all of our lead instructors are ISA (International Surfing Association), CPR & First Aid certified, we obtain Water Safety Specialists certificates (surfing instructor safety training) and I also completed 2 Level surf instructors program with ISA. Other things to note We do teach anyone 12 years old and up
Fly in a plane over LA With Pro Pilot
Get ready for takeoff! This is one ride you’ll never soon forget. Let’s explore Los Angeles most iconic landmarks from the sky! We takeoff from Torrance Airport whose origins are traced back to World War II. Airborne we will fly over such amazing Los Angeles landmarks, such as the Hollywood Sign, downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and the Californias beautiful coastline. This is a tour flight. However, after you’ve booked you can inquire about making it a lesson where you could take the controls during the flight. Note this is Not possible on all flights. Other things to note If arriving late, notify us by sending or leaving a message. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel flights due to weather or FAA flight restrictions.
Snow play and hot cocktails Big Bear
What’s better than a snowy day playing in freshly fallen snow in the Big Bear wilderness? If your adventure guide brings cocktails of course! Aside from being your nature guide on this trip to the best place for you and your family to play in the snow, I also provide Bailey’s with coffee for the adults, which is my favorite thing to drink while frolicking in the snow. Our tour begins at a snowy place in the Big Bear Valley. This can be a different location based on how much snow we have on a particular day. From there I will guide you to one of the prettiest snowy wilderness areas for great family photos, a short snowy hike & snow play. All these places are a local's secret & for the most part not crowded. In these times of Covid it's a safer alternative to crowded snow play areas with tons of tourists. There’s a great little hike we can do to an amazing viewpoint to get snowy family photos to start the tour. It’s about half a mile each way. From there I will show you some nice hills for sledding &pretty areas for snow play. I’ll hang out with your group for an hour to an hour & a half to answer any questions you might have about the Big Bear area and show you the best places to play in the snow, take great photos with snowy views etc. Dogs are welcome on this hike. Please bring your own sleds. (I do not provide sleds as they often break) Great for groups & team building.
The Hollywood Sign Hike & COMEDY Tour
My friends JB, Elko, Jon and I are comedians and actors who have done some work on NBC, ABC, Netflix, and even Jimmy Kimmel Live! We're just 4 dudes trying to make it in LA. We're gonna tell you approx 3000 jokes (some dad-related) about Los Angeles, ourselves, our experiences in LA, maybe a Justin Bieber story? Also, no one has better dad jokes than us. Not even my own dad. (Sup Dad)! This experience is great for groups, teams, and individual solo travelers. We're about becoming best FRIENDS. At the start, I’m gonna hand you the best tasting WATER in the history of water. From there, we'll have y'all laughing so hard at our jokes and stories that you'll forget that we are hiking up a hill to the Hollywood Sign. Did we just become best friends?? WHAT ABOUT THE PICTURES? We stop at the BEST PHOTO STOPS for your own Cover Shoot. I've designed this hike for IG and can GUARANTEE You'll get 10+likes/photo. You’ll receive PROFESSIONAL photos of the sign, the skyline, and scenic panoramas that may break the internet with likes. Other tours take 1-2 pictures. I'll give you 75+ (Best Friend Move). We've been doing this for 6 years and love to show you how LA is done by an actual local and not a "tour company." Please Note: Tipping tour guides is America is customary and always appreciated. It's not mandatory but is the best way to show your guide that you had a great time!

Highly rated for uniqueness

Run with the Pack
Tap into your wild side as you spend time with wolfdogs and learn the powerful lessons they have to teach in this intimate group experience! Beginning with a visit to our wolfdog den, you'll meet the 30-plus rescues, hear their backstories, meet some through the fence, and have an unforgettable afternoon with out pack. You might even get a kiss (or two or three)! NOTE: Please wear closed-toe boots or shoes, long pants, and weather-appropriate layers. Do not wear fur or dangling jewelry. If you have a cast or physical limitation, please notify us in advance.
Let’s Goat Hike
Take in stunning views of the High Desert of the Mojave, accompanied by goats. We’ll meet our 15 friendly Nubian goats in their pens. They’ll wait for us to open their gate, and then these loving animals will show us the way. We’ll follow the herd at an easy pace into desert washes and onto boulders, where we’ll find beautiful spots to sit and chat—or simply gaze into the silence of the landscape, the gaping sky, and the goats enjoying themselves. We’ll walk about three miles and return with the goats after the sunset. Other things to note No phone connection the last 4.7 miles of dirt roads ( easy access :) & @ The Farm Long pants & suitable shoes for hiking are essential. Sun protection and hat. Plenty of water. Dress warm from October to April. Walk at your own risk
Hang Gliding
Take a tandem Hang Glider flight with an accredited instructor over Southern California. I'll handle the takeoff and landing, and you'll get to enjoy the amazing experience of soaring in a hang glider on a 15- to 45-minute flight. I’ll point out landmarks from above and explain how to maneuver the glider. If you’re up for it—and conditions allow—you may even get to take the controls for a bit. Other things to note This is a weather-dependent sport. Flight and flight times will vary based on weather.
Experience Llamas
We strive to integrate the natural wisdom of the llama with the cultural heritage of this intelligent creature by relating knowledge of the Andean cosmology and the Andean spiritual path. Here you will have the opportunity to meet, greet, interact with and communicate with our specially trained llama friends. This Experience is about llamas for wellness and educational proposes. We do believe in llamas as healers and messengers of Mother Nature (Pachamama). We want you to experience their medicine and help us on their training too. Safety is always top priority for guests and the llamas, so our program will be different on a winter day after a rainy week than it will be on a hot August afternoon. Please wear comfortable shoes and country clothing. We will put you into situations where you will be able to understand who these llamas are, personally discovering the different personalities that make up our herd. Other things to note We will introduce you to our "Speechless Brothers". Be prepared to learn all about llamas. They are smart, clean and personable. Let them know you are as well.
Fly with Vegas Cirque Pros
Las Vegas is one of the world's entertainment capitals and home to some of the best cirque shows. You'll learn circus skills with elite performers from the Strip. Whether you are a first time flyer or a long time aerialist, we can give you a behind the scenes peak at how we do it in Vegas! You'll get to work your upper body and core strength, flexibility, coordination, and spins on various aerial apparatuses. We'll demo and assist you with acquiring new tricks in the air. You'll even get to see us perform some excerpts from our pro acts. It's a unique circus experience getting up close and personal with some of cirque's best aerialists for one and half hours! Come join the fun!!! -You do not need to be extremely fit or flexible to try out our experience. We adapt to every individual and guide you through a safe and progressive introduction to aerial technique. As long as you don’t have any major physical injuries or conditions that would prohibit you from physical activity, you should be fine. We recommend starting out with apparatuses such as the hoop and the hammock for beginners. :) Other things to note It's best to eat at least one hour prior to exercise and avoid excessive alcohol consumption the day prior. :)

All activities near California

Private Stargazing in Sequoia National Park
TOUR PRICE COVERS YOUR WHOLE GROUP - Book "one spot" and feel free to bring up to 9 friends on your private tour Under some of the darkest skies in California, settle in for a relaxing evening of curiosity and visual splendor on your own private tour of the cosmos! Learn about your favorite constellations while hearing star stories of the past. Find out what humans are currently discovering as we explore space. Come away with techniques needed to continue exploring the stars even after you leave Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and the awe to fuel your curiosity. FAQ: What if the weather is bad? The weather changes rapidly in Sequoia and Kings Canyon - clouds will not prevent us from enjoying the night however if rain is likely then the event will be cancelled. Come prepared for cool temperatures by dressing in layers.
The Boat People Cruise- Private Harbor Cruises
COME ENJOY A RELAXING PRIVATE CRUISE ON OUR SAILBOAT! 1. We are a young couple who have received our US Coast Guard Captains License and have a huge passion for sailing and the ocean. We started our small boat chartering business giving harbor cruises around Newport Beach Harbor on our sailboat for people to enjoy life on the water with a very unique view and two captains. 2. Join us for a COVID friendly hour and a half cruise with a coastal ambiance on the bow of our sailboat. We strive to create an unforgettable evening with contagious laughter and panoramic views of the Newport Bay. Perfect for a date night or intimate group gathering of four as it is close proximity. You don’t want to miss out on this sea-worthy experience. Please BYOB (BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS AND FOOD as we will have an area to facilitate provisions). Also we DO NOT allow any marijuana on the boat as it is not legal under the maritime law. 3. We want our guests to leave with some great memories and good laughs onboard. We strive for passengers to leave with more knowledge of Newport Beach Harbor as well as grow a deeper connection to one another as they share a fun and unique experience onboard. *Each cruise is a PRIVATE cruise of just your party. *We require a minimum of 2 seats booked. *We offer a sunrise cruise, 3 cruises before sunset, a sunset cruise, and 3 romantic twilight cruises! 2021-03
Kayak in La Jolla Sea Caves and Marine Reserve
La Jolla Bay is a Marine Protected Area that is home to a thriving ecosystem that boasts a high concentration of sea life, has a natural boat launch, which allows safe ocean entry year-round, and is famous for its Sea Caves and Marine Reserve. No experience is required. Great for all skill levels. Your guide will kick things off with a paddle tutorial on the beach. If surf exists, we will help push your kayak through any breakers. As we paddle through La Jolla’s Marine Reserve keep an eye out for Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, Pelicans, Dolphin and Gray whales in the fall/winter. Note: We cannot guarantee sea life. If conditions are safe, we will help guide your kayak into Emerald Cave. If it's not safe to enter Emerald Cave, we will still paddle out & explore La Jolla's World-Famous Marine Reserve. Note: if not safe we WILL NOT enter the Emerald Cave, we don't cancel if the cave isn't safe and spend about a minute inside. La Jolla Bay is an Uncontrollable Environment. Please come enjoy this place we love knowing each day is different than the last. La Jolla is a popular place to kayak, SUP and surf year long. Satisfaction Guarantee. Do not feel this was a 5-star trip, message me. Want to learn how to surf? Check out our Airbnb Surf Experience: Learn to Surf with San Diego's top voted Surf Shop of 2022.
Learn to Fly an airplane Above LA
Prior to boarding, pose like a seasoned pro for a photo shoot with the airplane. Once you’re on board, the pilot will give you an overview of the instruments and controls. After getting clearance from the tower, you’ll taxi to the runway for takeoff. Once at cruising altitude, you’ll learn basic flying skills in the training area over the Simi Valley. Then, grab hold of the controls and feel free to move about the skies, exploring LA by air. Finally, in preparation for landing, you’ll come back down to earth at Van Nuys Airport. Other things to note IMPORTANT : This experience is currently only offered as a private experience. The guest has to book both spots on the experience and will be allowed to bring an additional guest to sit in the back seat. Only one guest will be in the front seat. Approximate flight time is 40 mins Expect a cancellation if there is bad weather. Only two passengers are allowed per ride to create a guest-focused experience.
Beautiful Trail Ride nestled in Sanger outskirts
Guest parking in in front of our home in the graveldrive way . When you arrived horse's are saddle and ready to go ,you can request them to be unsaddel if you would like to learn how saddle..please message me and let me know you'd like this option and plan to arrive 30 mins earlier then your appointment time . We will enjoy a leisurely horseback ride while taking in some beautiful CURTIS GROVES .We give you some basics instruction on how to ride and we head out for our trail ride. Our horse's are beginner friendly and Very safe . We help encourage riders while riding down a one hour trail ride with kindness and patience .. if you choose to book with us please reach out with a height and weight and experience with horses .. as it helps us pair you with the right fit saddle and horse .
Blossom Peak Ranch Experience
Come join us for a unique and interactive farm tour experience. Guest will have the opportunity to meet and interact with animals on our farm. We are located in the quaint town of Three Rivers California, just a few minutes from Sequoia National Park. Take a break from a day of hiking or fishing and enjoy the peace, quiet, and lots of relaxing cuddles. Guests will be given ample time to pet, feed and interact with our friendly animals in a beautiful, scenic setting at the foot of Blossom Peak. We have many horses that we will explain care, let you brush and feed. Feed and pet our chickens, gather an egg or two if the chickens are laying. Our goats love attention and will enjoy a little play time or just a few cuddles and treats. We even have a cow that loves a scratch behind the ears or to sit in your lap. Try your hand at roping. Occasionally, we have baby animals that might need bottle feeding or extra care. We hope you leave with lots of pictures, smiles and a love of our animals as much as we do. (Currently have bottle baby goats!! 02/24) We do our best to make this experience as enjoyable as possible! Please think twice before booking if you do not enjoy close encounters with animals. We do have a hand washing station for the end of your visit. No public Restrooms available. Horseback riding on property available upon request (no trail rides). Message for rates.
Bees, Bread and Butter Making at the Farm with the animals
We will start with some coffee or tea. You’ll meet the bees and get an in-depth overview of how honey is made. Then we will get our hands dirty and start by making fresh butter and then make bread and cook it in a Dutch oven. We will end the experience with a light charcuterie board. We will get to sample the honey. We can then visit with the animals or just relax on the deck. At the end of the experience you will go home with a bread in a bag you can bake later along with all the recipes. Other things to note: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We will have food to eat! Bring a cheese to share or wine/sparkling to drink if you’d like.
Day with Spirit - Singing Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
Please arrive between 10:00 am and 10:15 am. *10:30 am Introduction to Heartmath 10:45 am Sound Healing Meditation Afterwards, enjoy lunch/beverage/picnic with casual discussions. What we’ll do: Introduction to Heartmath. You’ll learn two “HeartMath” breathing techniques that build coherence which is having harmony with your heart, mind, emotions and body. The Heartmath introduction is led by Heartmath Facilitator, Jennifer who is trained in Heartmath Interventions. We’ll enjoy some yoga; usually Hiroshi Motoyama’s exercises which help activate the meridians and create a smooth flow of energy. This prepares the body and mind for healing. Dress warm, and bring a yoga mat (optional if wanting to lay down for the meditation), and an optional blanket for warmth. We have chairs available for sitting. Come experience balance! A plant grows significantly in just one day when exposed to the proper conditions... so join us for a day at Love is the Prize- putting yourself in conditions that are conducive to healing, with growth-supportive community activities and nature’s untouched medicine.
La Jolla Sunset Kayak Tour
Your visit with Bike & Kayak Tours, Inc. will begin at our storefront, located just two short blocks from the beach. Once properly outfitted for your adventure with lifejackets and helmets, we will walk down to the La Jolla shores beach. Once down on the beach we will begin our paddle instruction where you will learn how to paddle the kayak efficiently and comfortably, before our beach crew assists us out through the surf. On our way to the caves you will learn all about the wildlife that is found in La Jolla, which is home to an ecological reserve boasting three different types of habitats. Keeping an eye out for wildlife, we will then make our way to the sea caves where you will learn the geological history of how the seven sea caves were formed. Note: If we determine that the water conditions are unsafe to enter the Clam's Cave you will be provided with a voucher to enter the only land accessible cave called Sunny Jim's cave. Other things to note Please arrive 30-40 minutes prior to your tour time. Dress prepared to get wet and have a great time. 12.5% service and maintenance fee will be charged at check-in.
Vineyard Expedition From Vine to Bottle Edna Valley
Discover the beauty of the Edna Valley wine region. Ride in a modern vintage sidecar through Wolff Winery for a guided tour. Relax and take in mesmerizing views on a vineyard nestled in the countryside. Start your tour with a short safety briefing. Enjoy the ride as I guide you through the vineyard and teach you about the Edna Valley wine region. Uncover the fascinating history of Wolff Winery and hear about what life is currently like for wine producers in the region. Enjoy a scenic cruise through the vines before visiting Wolff Winery's tasting room to indulge in four exclusive wine tastings. Guests will also receive 20% off on food and/or wine bottles purchased during your tour (discount rises to 30% off if you’re a wine club member/sign up for a wine membership).
Taste San Diego with Private Chef Jordan
Enjoy your very own private chef experience at your place! Take advantage of our group discounts: ★ 15% OFF — groups from 4 to 5 guests ★ 20% OFF — groups of +6 guests Learn the secrets hidden within each dish, and enjoy a delicious multi-course meal. Get ready to discover the taste of San Diego without leaving your own dining room! I will arrive 90 minutes before your preferred dining time in order to begin working my magic. I won't arrive empty-handed! No-no, I will show up at your doorstep equipped with every ingredient needed in order to prepare your meal. Feel free to put your apron on and cook some of the dishes with me! I am eager to share with you the secrets behind my recipes and San Diego local hidden treasures. Not in the mood? Well then lay down, relax, enjoy a few appetizers and allow me and my team to take care of you. Eat, share, drink, laugh, and explore San Diego dining scene from your own table. Oh and don’t worry about tidying up, everything will be left spotless for you to continue to enjoy! To have a closer look at my menus check out the What's Included section below. Please note that to book an experience there is a minimum of 2 guests required.
Mt Shasta Musical Journey
When you enter my music sanctuary, you can find a comfortable seat or choose to lie with a yoga mat or blanket & optional pillows, on the carpeted floor. We will start with some deep breathing and a few minutes of guided meditation to help us let go of the outside world and feel present and centered in the moment. Once we begin, I will share briefly with you about how I came to channel/receive my inspirational music in this way, and give you a little info about each piece and the energy it holds and conveys. I will also share the unique shorthand that is the way the music is recorded in my books as it comes through. I will play for you while you sit back, relax & close your eyes to receive the music and the specific nurturing energies of each piece. At the end of each piece we will sit in silence for a moment to tune into and become more aware of the effects of each piece in the body, heart and mind. I welcome questions, sharing and discussion of your experiences of the music, and how you have received it or been moved in your own way. This is often a very insightful and interesting sharing as several audience members often have similar, although varied experiences. Great experience for individuals and groups! Visit: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, You Tube, Pandora, CD Baby
A Walking Tour of Hollywood Jazz History
This tour traces the long and wild history of jazz in Los Angeles. From Jelly Roll Morton to La-La Land, the City of Angels has housed many of the world's most-recognized jazz artists, including Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Eric Dolphy, Charlie Parker, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and hundreds more. Under the veneer of redevelopment and new coats of paint, the nightspots and haunts of jazz's past can still be found if you know where to look. On this tour, we'll see the theater where Dexter Gordon workshopped his Blue Note debut and the tiny brick-lined coffeehouse where Ornette Coleman honed his craft before heading east. We'll see Capitol Records Tower, the house that Nat King Cole built, looming large over an array of notable jazz stars embedded in the city's sidewalk. While many significant sites no longer exist, the history remains, and vibrates when accompanied by an extensive slideshow and authentic playlist! Other things to note: Hollywood is not always as glamorous as the movies will have you believe. It can be a dangerous and occasionally hostile environment. Keep your wits about you at all times.
Intro to Open Face Waves
IIntro to Open Face Waves 1.5 Hr Coaching Session This coaching session will be held only in up to 4 foot conditions. So please check surfcast to confirm wave size meets this requirement. If in doubt message before booking to make sure conditions are ideal. Recommended Skill Level - Ability to paddle to the lineup on your own - Ability to duckdive/turtle roll and go over waves without being dragged backwards - Clean popup without using knee or one-two step - Ability to ride 90% of inside/white wash/broken waves Important This group session is NOT advisable for individuals who: - have very little to no ocean experience - are intimidated or not comfortable in an ocean environment - are not confident in their swimming skills - have not been active in many years What You Will Learn -Paddling Techniques -Wave Reading -Surf Etiquette -Dropping in waves Stoked to take you out to the lineups! Yewww
Photo Walk at Echo Park Lake
We'll take a walk around the popular Echo Park Lake. While walking along the main route, we'll find spots for pictures and Insta-worthy snaps you can take back home or post on your feed! Other things to note Make sure to bring water! Bring an additional pair of shoes if necessary.