Airbnb it.
You could earn

Airbnb it easily with Airbnb Setup

One-to-one guidance from a Superhost

We’ll match you with a Superhost in your area, who’ll guide you from your first question to your first guest—by phone, video call, or chat.

An experienced guest for your first booking

For your first booking, you can choose to welcome an experienced guest who has at least three stays and a good track record on Airbnb.

Specialized support from Airbnb

New Hosts get one-tap access to specially trained Community Support agents who can help with everything from account issues to billing support.

Airbnb it with top‑to‑bottom protection

Guest identity verification
Reservation screening 1
$3M damage protection 2
Art & valuables
Auto & boat
Pet damage
Income loss
Deep cleaning
$1M liability insurance
24-hour safety line 3

Comparison is based on public information and free offerings by top competitors as of 10/22. Find details and exclusions here.

1 Our technology blocks certain bookings showing a high risk of disruptive parties

2 We pay for guest damage to your home and belongings

3 One-tap access to specially trained safety agents

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Your questions,

Airbnb guests are interested in all kinds of places. We have listings for tiny homes, cabins, treehouses, and more. Even a spare room can be a great place to stay.
Not at all—you control your calendar. You can host once a year, a few nights a month, or more often.
It’s up to you. Some Hosts prefer to message guests only at key moments—like sending a short note when they check in—while others also enjoy meeting their guests in person. You’ll find a style that works for you and your guests.
Getting the basics down goes a long way. Keep your place clean, respond to guests promptly, and provide necessary amenities, like fresh towels. Some Hosts like adding a personal touch, such as putting out fresh flowers or sharing a list of local places to explore—but it’s not required. Read on for more hosting tips
Airbnb typically collects a flat service fee of 3% of the reservation subtotal when you get paid. We also collect a fee from guests when they book. In many areas, Airbnb collects and pays sales and tourism taxes automatically on your behalf as well. Learn more about fees

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