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Understanding your reservation status

Your reservation status lets you know how things are going.

Arriving today

The guest will arrive within 24 hours.

Arriving tomorrow

The guest will arrive soon, but not within 24 hours.

Arrives in __ days

The guest will be checking within said number of days. Now’s a good time to print reservation details and coordinate check-in if you haven’t already.

Awaiting guest ID

The Host is requiring the guest to verify their identity before accepting the trip request. They have 12 hours to do so; otherwise, the request will expire.

Awaiting guest review

The guest has checked out and has 14 days to write a review of their stay.

Awaiting payment

The trip request was accepted, but the guest's payment hasn’t gone through. The reservation can’t be confirmed until payment is complete, so they have 24 hours to update their payment information. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled without penalty.

Learn more about reservations that are awaiting payment.


The reservation was cancelled, probably because:

  • The guest didn’t verify their identity within the 12-hour time period
  • Their payment didn’t go through and they didn't update their payment info within 24 hours

Canceled by you/guest/Host/Airbnb

Either the Host, the guest, or Airbnb canceled a confirmed reservation. Sometimes, Airbnb may cancel on behalf of a Host or guest.

Checking out today

The guest will check out within 24 hours.

Change pending

Either the Host or guest has initiated a trip change.


The trip request was accepted, either by the Host or automatically via Instant Book. Airbnb has collected payment.

Currently hosting

The guest is on their trip at this very moment. Nice!

Invite expired

The guest did not accept their pre-approved invitation to book within 24 hours of receiving it from the Host. They can still book the place, but they’ll need to send a new trip request.

Invite sent

The Host has invited the guest to book the dates shown with automatic confirmation. The guest has 24 hours to accept by choosing Book Now.

Not possible

The requested dates are no longer available. This could happen for several reasons, including reservation overlap or a recent update to the Host’s calendar.

Offer expired

The guest received a special offer from the Host but didn’t accept it within the 24-hour window.

Past guest

The guest as completed their trip.

Request declined

The Host declined the guest’s trip request, so they won’t be charged.

Request expired

Either the Host or the guest took longer than 24 hours to accept or decline the request. If the guest is still interested, they’ll need to send a new request. Get more detail on declined or expired requests.

Request withdrawn

The guest sent a trip request but then decided to cancel it.

Review guest

The trip is over, and the Host has 14 days to leave a review for the guest.

Special offer sent

The Host has invited the guest to book the dates shown at a different price from what’s listed. Hosts often do this to offer a discount or add an additional amount, such as a pet fee, to the reservation. The guest has 24 hours to accept by choosing Book Now—at which point, the reservation is automatically accepted.

Trip changed by Airbnb

Our customer support team has changed the trip details on behalf of the Host or guest.

Trip change declined

The Host has declined the guest’s request to change details about their trip.

Trip change requested

The guest has requested to change details about their trip. If the Host doesn't accept, they’ll have to go with the original plan or cancel.

Trip change sent

The Host has requested to change details about their trip. If the guest doesn’t accept, they’ll have to go with the original plan or cancel.

Trip declined

Guest asked a trip question and the Host declined it, which means the guest is not able to send a trip request. This may be due to a change in their availability.


The guest has asked a question about specific dates but hasn't yet sent a trip request. In order to maintain their response rate, we encourage Hosts to write back within 24 hours and invite guests to book, decline, or send a special offer before the inquiry expires. If your status says “Inquiry - expires soon,” check the Today dashboard to find out how many hours you have to respond before it’s too late. Learn more about contacting Hosts.

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