What does each reservation status mean?

Inquiry—A guest contacts a host about certain dates, but does not submit a reservation request. In response, a host can send a message, pre-approve a booking, or decline the dates in the inquiry. The host can also elect to respond with a Special Offer. The guest will still need to complete the booking before the reservation status changes to accepted.

Responsiveness to booking inquiries is factored into the calculation of a host’s response rate.

Reservation Request—A guest contacts a host by submitting a request to confirm a booking for specific dates. In response, a host can either accept or decline the request. When a host accepts a reservation request, Airbnb collects payment from the guest.

Responsiveness to reservation requests is factored into the calculation of a host’s response rate. Additionally, the host’s acceptance rate will reflect how frequently they accept reservation requests.

Pending—When a guest is waiting for a host to respond to a reservation request, the message will be marked as pending.

Expired—When a host takes more than 24 hours to respond to a reservation request, it will expire. At this point, if the host can accommodate the booking, the guest will need to resubmit a request, or the host will have to send pre-approval or a Special Offer.

Canceled—A host or guest chooses to cancel a confirmed reservation, or a guest chooses to cancel a reservation request before it was accepted or declined by the host.

Action Required—If a guest submits a reservation request to a host who requires guests to verify their ID, and they have not yet verified their ID, the request will be put on hold until the guest completes verification.

Closed—A guest has already sent a host an inquiry about certain dates, but is no longer looking for accommodations.

Not Possible—A guest contacted a host about certain dates, and the host responded with a Special Offer or pre-approval. However, the dates are no longer available on the host's calendar. For example, this could happen if, while the host is waiting for the guest to accept a Special Offer, the host receives a new reservation request for the same set of dates.

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