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Your reviews from Hosts

Reviews are a great way for Hosts to give you feedback after your trip ends. Reviews also help our wider Host community understand what to expect based on previous reviews of cleanliness, house rules, and communication.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included when you get a review, and what a Host may be able to read when you request or book a stay in the future.

Ratings from your Host

As part of the optional review process, Hosts may rate you with 1 to 5 stars on three categories: cleanliness, house rules, and communication. Similarly to star ratings for Hosts, these category ratings are then combined into an averaged rating for the stay.

Your detailed ratings for past stays, as well as your overall category and averaged ratings across stays, can only be read by Hosts when you request or book a stay with them in the future. Categories with positive ratings (4-5) will be displayed with a check mark and negative ratings (1-3) with a warning icon.

Ratings are used in a number of ways, and help:

  • Current or prospective Hosts decide whether to accept a booking request from a guest;
  • Airbnb determine if a guest meets a Host's requirements to Instant Book;
  • Airbnb determine whether a guest qualifies as an experienced guest eligible to book certain listings; and
  • Airbnb determines whether a guest is following our ground rules for guests. Repeated or severe violations reported through ratings or to customer support can lead to warnings, suspension, and/or removal from the platform.

Public review from your Host

While reviews are optional, when Hosts choose to submit a review they’re required to leave you a public review. The Host’s review is displayed on your profile, so anyone who clicks or taps on your profile can read it.

What you did well

Hosts have the option to highlight what you did well (ex: kept the place neat and tidy and in good condition, took care of garbage, sent helpful messages, was respectful, always responded, etc.). If you request or book a stay with a Host, they can check what other Hosts have highlighted about your previous stays. Positive feedback will be displayed next to a check mark.

Things to keep in mind for next time

If a Host submits a low rating in any category, we ask them to share what didn’t go well on your trip. Using this feedback, Airbnb will then suggest ways to avoid issues on your next trip. If you request or book a stay with a Host, they can check this feedback about your previous stays. Negative feedback will be displayed next to a warning icon.

Private note from your Host

You may get a private message from your Host with more feedback. When responding, keep in mind that only you can read this message.

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