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How do star ratings work?

In addition to written reviews, guests can submit an overall star rating and a set of category star ratings. Hosts can view their star ratings on their Stats page, under Ratings from Guests. To see a breakdown of guest ratings by category, click Show Details.

Guests can give ratings on:

  • Overall Experience. What was your guest’s overall experience?
  • Cleanliness. Did your guests feel that your space was clean and tidy?
  • Accuracy. How accurately did your listing page represent your space?
  • Value. Did your guest feel your listing provided good value for the price?
  • Communication. How well did you communicate with your guest before and during their stay?
  • Arrival. How smoothly did their check-in go?
  • Location. How did guests feel about your neighborhood?

In each category, you’ll be able to see how often you get 5 stars, how guests rated nearby hosts, and, in some cases, tips to help you improve your listing.

The number of stars displayed at the top of a listing page is an aggregate of the primary scores guests have given for that listing. At the bottom of a listing page there's an aggregate for each category rating. A host needs to receive star ratings from at least 3 guests before their aggregate score appears.

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