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Host and guest reviews for stays

Reviews are critical to help build trust on Airbnb—they’re an important way for Hosts and guests to give each other feedback, help our community make informed decisions and understand what to expect. We believe that a fair review system is one that respects and protects our community’s genuine feedback, and we have a number of safeguards in place to help build trust in our reviews system.

Guest favorites and highlights

Listings need 5 or more recent reviews to be eligible for a Guest favorite label, a top homes highlight, or a percentile ranking label. Learn more in Guest Favorites and highlights.

When you can leave a review for a stay

Hosts and guests can only leave reviews for stays that have been booked and paid for on Airbnb.

When can reviews be submitted and published

Hosts and guests have 14 days after checkout to submit their review. Guests and Hosts can also leave a review for certain reservations that are canceled on or after the day of check-in (12:00 AM in the listing’s time zone).

Reviews are posted after both parties have submitted their reviews, or once the 14-day period has ended—whichever comes first.

If a Host cancels a reservation before the day of check-in, neither the Host nor the guest will be able to leave a review for the stay.

How to leave a review

After your stay, Airbnb will send an email asking you to leave a review for your most recent Host or guest. You can also write a review directly on Airbnb:

  • If you're a guest, go to your Trips page or your Airbnb Inbox
  • If you're a Host, go to the Reservation section of your Today tab or your Airbnb Messages

Note: This information will be based on public information on the reviewer’s profile page or other information the reviewer submitted to sign up for Airbnb or complete their booking. To hide your information, contact us.

Finding your reviews

Once you’re signed in to your Airbnb account, you’ll be able to find both reviews written about you and by you on your public profile.

If a reservation has more than one confirmed guest, the Host’s review will appear on the profiles of all the other confirmed guests.

Are reviews moderated?

Airbnb doesn’t moderate reviews before they’re published. However, reviews do need to relate to an authentic reservation, and may be removed if they violate our Reviews Policy.

We also have a detection system that proactively looks for signs that a review may not relate to a genuine stay. If our system detects that a review is likely to be fake—for example, because it doesn’t relate to a genuine stay on Airbnb or because it relates to a stay that was solely made to inflate a person’s ratings—it’ll be removed.

Removing a review

You can’t remove a review written about you or your home, but you can report it to us if you think it violates our Reviews Policy. We believe that each party has the right to have their case reviewed by separate agents, but Airbnb will not review the case more than twice. Reviews will be removed if they violate our Reviews Policy, and both guest and Host will be informed of this decision upon removal. 

The policy is designed to protect the integrity of our review system by allowing for removal of reviews that are fake, irrelevant, or manipulated, but to generally allow people’s subjective view of a stay to be shared with other members of the community.

You can remove a review you published if it no longer reflects your experience as a guest or Host.

Editing a review

To encourage honest and impartial reviews, we limit the ability of Hosts and guests to edit a review after they’ve written it.

  • If you submit your review first, you may edit it anytime within the 14-day review period, up until the other party submits their review
  • Once both reviews are submitted or the 14-day review period has ended—whichever comes first—both reviews are automatically published and no more changes can be made
  • Both guest and Host reviews are posted at the same time and can’t be edited after they’re posted(the other person can’t read your review and change their own as a result)
  • You can’t request edits to a review written about you, but you may contact us to request a change in the gender pronoun used to describe you in the review

Responding to a review

You can post a public response to a published review that someone has left for you as long as you follow our Reviews Policy.

Review display, search, and sorting

By default, reviews appear in chronological order, with the most recent review shown first. Users are also provided tools to search reviews using keywords (example: cleanliness, internet speed, location, etc.) and sort reviews by recency, highest rating, or lowest rating.

Review ratings

For every review, you’ll find the overall star rating given by the guests, on a scale from 1 to 5. The overall rating section will show the relative distribution of star ratings. We also show an average rating for each of these subcategories: cleanliness, accuracy, check-in, communication, location, and value.

Reviewer and trip details

To help you learn more about the guests who stayed at the home and use this information to check if the home meets your needs, you may find information about the reviewers in the review, such as their:

  • City, country, continent or region
  • Date of stay (example: Jun 2024, 3 weeks ago, today, etc.)
  • Trip type (example: stayed with kids, a group, or pets)
  • Length of stay (example: stayed one night, a few nights, about a week, or over a week)

Note: This information is based on public information on the reviewer’s profile page or other information the reviewer submitted to sign up for Airbnb or complete their booking. To hide your information, opt out of review highlights.

To sort reviews: 

  1. Click the listing you're interested in
  2. Click Reviews
  3. Click to sort by Most recentHighest rated, or Lowest rated
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