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How to reschedule or cancel a photo shoot

You’re all booked for your big photo shoot, and now, you’ve got a change of plans. It happens—just try to give your photographer at least 24 hours’ notice.
To reschedule, chat with them through your Airbnb message thread. To cancel, go to the professional photography page, scroll to your listing, and choose Cancel next to Requested. You can also cancel through your listing.

To cancel a photo shoot through your listing:

  1. Go to Your Listings
  2. Choose the listing that has the scheduled photoshoot, then click the cover photo or listing title
  3. Scroll to Photos and click Edit
  4. Click Cancel Request

You can only request 1 photo shoot per listing, and once it begins, it's not refundable. If you’re planning to make changes to your space, wait to request a shoot until your changes are complete.

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