How do I apply for professional photography?

Visit to see if professional photography is available in your area. If so, you'll see your listings appear at the bottom of the page. Select the listings you'd like to have photographed and click Apply Now.

High-resolution photographs that showcase your space are an important way to make your listing appealing for guests and help build trust within the Airbnb community. To make it easier for every host to have beautiful photographs, we're growing a network of photographers around the world. Professional photography is now available in most places, but it isn't available everywhere or at all times.

Even if photography is available in your area, there are some restrictions:

  • You must have a verified telephone number and email address on your Airbnb profile.
  • You can apply for photography for up to 4 individual listings. To apply for photography for 5 or more listings, you need to have at least an equivalent number of accepted reservations. For example, if you have 10 accepted reservations, you can apply for up to 10 individual listings.
  • Each listing can be photographed only once.

Learn more about how to prepare your space and what happens after you apply for a shoot.

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