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What to expect during a photo shoot

You’ve scheduled professional photo shoot, tidied your place, and now, you’re ready to shine. What next?


First, review this checklist to make your place photo-ready so you can get the most out of your shoot.

We’ll do our part to prepare as well: We’ll make sure your photographer is local, qualified, and experienced in shooting interiors. After we vet them, we train them specifically to conduct Airbnb photo shoots.

The process

Once your photographer arrives, the session will go a little something like this:

  1. First, they’ll walk through your space to get a lay of the land
  2. Next, they might make a few small adjustments, like fluffing pillows or putting toilet seats down
  3. Once the rooms look good, they’ll set up their equipment
  4. Finally, they’ll take photos based on your request (ex: If you have a 7-bedroom house but your request is for a 3-bedroom house, the photographer will only shoot 3 bedrooms)

How long everything takes depends on the size of your space and how well-prepared you are.

Photography guidelines

Each photo should highlight what makes your home beautiful and unique, while helping to set guest expectations. To make sure they’re accurate and up to our quality standards, the photographer will follow a specific set of guidelines that prohibit the following:

  • Fish-eye or super wide-angle lenses to make rooms appear larger than they are
  • Flash to enhance brightness
  • Over-processing to unnaturally amplify details (ex: They probably won't be able to take photos that capture views outside of windows)
  • Unusual angles that wouldn’t be seen by someone standing normally in the space

Note: We want you to enjoy and share your photos, but please be aware that they’re for personal use only and cannot be used on another real estate or rental site.

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