Make your listing stand out
Get the help of a professional photographer to showcase your space
First impressions matter. Beautifully shot photos make your listing stand out and can help you get booked more often.
Why professional photography?
Professional photos are a great way to add polish to your listing and showcase your space in search. Our photographers have plenty of experience working with Airbnb hosts. Their photos help guests know exactly what to expect, so they’ll have a great stay from the moment they arrive.
What’s included?
The photographer will spend around an hour shooting your space to get just the right shots. After the photos are approved, at least 12 images will be automatically added to your listing page. Note that that the images will be uploaded directly to your page (they won’t be sent to you). You can then rearrange them as you like and use them to showcase your place on Airbnb. For more on what to expect, click here

How it works
Step 1
Choose a listing to request a photographer. If one is available, we’ll match you with a photographer in your area.
Step 2
You and your photographer will schedule your shoot. Try to be sure your place is ready to be photographed when you sign up.
Step 3
Once the shoot is finished, Airbnb will approve the photos, then upload them to your listing. After they’re live, you can arrange them as you like.

How much does it cost?
It’ll depend on how big your place is and where you’re located. Photographing a studio will generally cost less than a 5 bedroom home. We’ll let you know what the total cost is after we know more about your place.
When do I pay?
After the photos are approved, we’ll deduct the total cost of your photoshoot from your next scheduled payouts until the full amount is collected. That way you can start earning with the help of your professional photos as quickly as possible.
How long does it take?
If you are matched with a photographer, you can schedule the shoot directly with them. The review process can then take up to a month. While you wait for your professional photos, you can still list your space with your own photos.
What if I need to reschedule?
You can reschedule or cancel before your photoshoot without penalty, but the photographer would appreciate at least 24 hours’ notice. The service is not refundable after the photoshoot begins.

Choose a listing
Please request professional photography, or list your space to become a host.