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Invites and special offers

Let’s say you contact a Host about their place before requesting to book it. The Host can then invite you to book in two ways:

  • Invitation to book: Allows you to book for the dates and prices shown when you contacted the Host.
  • Special offer: Host chooses a custom price (or other details) and invites you to book with the new details. You’ll have 24 hours to accept the special offer.

To accept an invitation to book or a special offer:

Accept an invitation or offer on desktop

  1. Click Messages and open the message from your Host
  2. Review the details of your pre-approval or special offer and click Book now
  3. Click Reserve and review your payment info
  4. Click Confirm and pay

The special offer will be for the nightly rate, cleaning fees, and any extra guest fees, but it doesn’t include taxes, the service fee, or the security deposit (only certain Hosts can charge a security deposit). You will get a detailed breakdown of the price before you finalize the booking.

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