Best Movie Theaters in Philadelphia

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One of 3 excellent Independent Movie Theaters on this side of town.

Local theater chain shows more indie and unique films. They also serve organic teas and delicious snacks in addition to typical movie theater fare. ;)

Art-house cinema screening independent, foreign & documentary films.

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Great Local movie theater around the corner! There are three of them within a two block radius. Ritz East, Ritz 5, and Ritz at the Bourse.

This is our favorite movie theater that plays independent and foreign films. There are two other Ritz theaters within a few blocks of this theater- the Ritz Five & the Ritz Bourse so compare shows... read more

Quaint Movie theatre offering independent and main stream films!

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If you're into Indy movies, and the weather is not so nice, this is a good place to go! A 25min walk from my place.

Support indie film right in historic Old City!

Always playing cool films. Lots of documentaries, indie flicks and forgein films.

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Short bike ride from the house.

It is the closest cinema with loads of movie options and close to a number of fast food places. Loads of parking and close to target and marshalls and Warmdaddys, a jazz bar

A smaller but great theatre with most of the latest films!

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The closest movie theater in walking distance with box office hits for a rainy day (and a bar- you can order a beer to take to your movie!)

The local cineplex with all the collegiate trimmings of neighboring watering holes and food establishments of varying degree.

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This is one of the biggest movie theaters in Cherry Hill, right next to the Cherry Hill Mall

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Iconic setting seen in The Blob and home of the annual Blobfest festival. Art house showing indie, old, and cult classics. Several annual film festivals such as Splatterfest occur regularly.

Home of the original "Blob" movie and July Blobfest! A progressive theatre with social motivations to bring people together in a unique theatre setting.

Restored Theatre in the heart of Phoenixville. Live concerts, Movies Classic and Current.

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The County Theater is located at 20 E. State Street in Doylestown, PA and is a nonprofit, community-based movie theater that specializes in independent, art, and foreign films.

A smaller theater that often shows independent films. It's very pleasant to go to Doylestown in the evening for dinner, walk around the quaint shops, then to the County Theater.

Non-profit independent movie theater in Doylestown

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Our preferred movie theater, near Penn's campus. Not a bad walk if it's a nice day, or a quick ride away.

Where I usually go to see movies because of its convenience to the city and bars afterwards.

Great movie theatre if you find yourself in West Philly!

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Movies! 10 minutes away! (by car) Nice theatre.

Movie theatre in nearby Manayunk.

For block busters you can walk to the Movie Theater on Main Street.

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Good beer, good food, and movies - all at the same time!

They bring your dinner and drinks during the movie.

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IMAX movie theatre near the King of Prussia Mall.

16 theaters showing first run films and an IMAX theater

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Reclining seats and lots to choose from

Large comfy seats that recline.. need I say more?

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Cozy little movie theater always playing the latest hits

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This is my favorite movie theater and sometimes has films that are only playing in select theaters. They have a military discount as well. I always grab a latte before my movie!

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Kick your feet up, sit back (or lay back, these chairs recline) and catch a movie. I recommend ordering tickets online at least an hour before the movie so you can pick a good seat. If it is the ... read more

It's our closest movie theater.

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Nonprofit movie theater specializes in art & foreign films, plus kids' events & guest lecturers.

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Great little shopping center, the movie tavern does dinner and a movie, and they have a liquor license as well... if you haven't tried one yet, I recommend it :)

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See the latest independent films and new releases.

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Catch a movie - all the latest films available.

Movie Theater at walking distance

Your standard cinema for all your mainstream titles. The multiplex has stadium seating, with the two larger screens in the back, and the other screens being noticeably smaller.

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Movie theater. Mainstream movies.

Big glassy/classy newer movie theatre. Good for a recent box office flick.

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Movie theatre, walking distance from house

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It's a movie theatre and restaurant rolled into one! Enjoy your show with a menu of delicious options, a full cocktail bar and seat-side service at the push of a button.