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    Understanding the Experience listing process

    Set up a stellar listing with this step-by-step guide.
    By Airbnb on May 11, 2022
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    Updated May 11, 2022


    Are you considering hosting an Experience and want to know what the listing process is like? This article will help guide you through the process and provide you with the resources you need to understand and prepare.

    Resources for listing success

    The first step is to have a high-level understanding of what may meet the Experiences standards and requirements. Review the three resources below, which will help you understand how Airbnb Experiences should be unique and teach you how to showcase your strengths in your Experience submission.

    Getting your Experience listing ready

    Ready to list a new Experience? These are the key pieces to gather before you start creating your listing:  

    Your Experience prep checklist

    Here’s what you’ll need when creating an Experience listing: 

    ◯  A title for your Experience 

    ◯  A description of what you’ll do with your guests

    ◯  The location of your Experience 

    ◯  Details about what you’ll provide and what guests should bring themselves

    ◯  At least 5 high-quality photos

    ◯  Online Experience submissions will need a short video demonstration

    ◯  Consider the minimum age of your guests

    ◯  Consider the expected level of guest activity and skill required to participate 

    ◯  Have a maximum group size (under 10 in most cases)

    ◯  Have a start time and length of your Experience (most Experiences are under three hours)

    ◯  Come up with a price per guest 

    We know this is a lot of information, but don’t worry, the submissions process will guide you through each step.

    Creating your Experience listing

    Once you’re ready, submit an Experience that you’d like to host at There are five steps to completing a new listing:

    1. Share your idea

    First, you’ll let us know whether you’re interested in hosting an online or in-person Experience.

    Next, you’ll share the city of the Experience, and the topic/theme of the Experience.

    At this stage, you’ll be asked to set your language preferences. You should be able to read, write, and speak in the primary language you select. If you speak more languages, you can always add them to your Experience page now, or in the future.

    At this time, Airbnb is only able to review Online Experiences offered in English and French. To have your submission approved, please submit your Online Experience video demonstration in one of these two languages.

    2. Review what we’re looking for

    The ‘What we’re looking for’ section outlines the 3 pillars of quality we look for in an Experience submission. Review these guidelines and keep them in mind when crafting your Experience listing.

    3. Build your Experience listing

    Here’s where you get to describe what makes your Experience unique. We recommend putting extra thought and detail into specific sections of your Experience listing, as outlined below. 

    The ‘What we’ll do’ section: 

    Use this section to set guest expectations, give a compelling summary of your Experience itinerary, and make guests feel excited about what they’ll be doing. Ultimately, you want this section to inspire guests to sign up for your Experience!

    To have your submission approved, it’s important to clearly describe what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the Experience. A detailed itinerary helps set accurate expectations upfront, which may lead to a better overall Experience for your guests. 

    The optimal length of the What we’ll do section is two to four paragraphs. It may be a good idea to start the section with a catchy hook and a quick summary of Experience highlights, before getting into more detailed information about what you’ll be doing. This is helpful to potential guests, who might only scan the first couple of sentences before deciding whether an Experience is worth devoting more time to. 

    Guests want vivid descriptions of the places and settings the Experience will take place in. It may also be helpful to let guests know what they’ll take away from the Experience. This could be something tangible (e.g., recipes from a chef) or intangible (e.g., memories or skills).

    Keep in mind: Experiences listings where guests are asked to pick from a list of activities can’t be approved. If you have several ideas, please submit them as separate Experiences.

    The ‘About you’ section: 

    Use this section to show guests why you are uniquely qualified to run this Experience and what makes you such a passionate Host. This may include your education, skills, knowledge, training, certification, or life experience. Helpful tip: Use this section to describe yourself, not what you’ll be doing or your business.

    The ‘What guests need to bring’ section:

    In this section you can share a list of things guests need in order to enjoy your Experience. Be as detailed as possible and add each item individually. This list will be emailed to guests when they book your experience to help them prepare. For example, Online Experiences Hosts with a cooking experience should make sure to include a complete list of ingredients here instead of planning to send them to guests later. 

    The ‘Who can attend your Experience’ section:

    If there are strict requirements around age, skill level, or certifications, include them in this section. Think about who can safely enjoy your Experience. What is their minimum age? What skill and activity levels are needed? Does your Experience have any accessibility features?

    Choosing a title for your Experience:

    After filling out the sections above, you’ll be prompted to give your Experience a title. Consider titles that may be short, descriptive, and exciting. Consider adding the location your Experience takes place in.

    Adding high-quality photos:

    Finally, at the end of this step, you’ll add at least 7 high-quality photos to show guests what it’s like to take your Experience. They will be reviewed against our photo standards.

    Set up your settings

    Here’s what you’ll be asked to outline:

    Be accurate, the details listed here will be shared with future guests.

    If you’re hosting an Online Experience, you’ll have one more step at this point: uploading a video demonstration. This video is used to evaluate whether your Experience meets our Online Experience standards. Learn more about what we look at when evaluating a video demonstration.

    Before submitting, we’ll share a few policies you should be aware of and let you review your page. And that’s it! You’ll be ready to submit.

    Read about what happens after you submit your Airbnb Experience for review.


    May 11, 2022
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