Cancellation policies
Airbnb Luxe listings are managed by Luxury Retreats and hosted by Property Management Companies or private owners. Luxury Retreats hosts can choose one of the cancellation policies below for their listing. You’ll see a listing’s cancellation policy in the Cancellations section of the listing page.
Airbnb listings have a separate set of cancellation policies.

Policy details

Policy details
Cancellation cut off time of 3pm
Trips start at 3pm in the listing’s local time on the date of check-in, regardless of the guest’s scheduled check-in time, and all pre-trip cancellation periods are calculated based on this cut off time.
Making a cancellation official
A reservation is only officially canceled once the guest follows the steps on the Airbnb cancellation page and receives confirmation. You’ll find the cancellation page in the Your Trips section of the Airbnb site and app.
Refund of service fees
Airbnb service fees are not refunded for cancellations.
Refund of hospitality fees
Hospitality fees are always refunded for cancellations made before 3pm in the listing’s local time on the scheduled check-in date.
Non-refundable deposit
Non-refundable deposit amounts vary by listing. The specific amount can be found in the “Non-refundable deposit” section of the listing.

Additional terms

Additional terms
Luxury Retreats will refund any taxes we collect that are related to amounts refunded to guests, and will submit any taxes due on the non-refundable portion of canceled reservations to the appropriate tax authority.
If a guest has any issues with a host or listing, they must contact their trip designer within 24 hours of check-in to be eligible for a full or partial refund under our Airbnb Luxe Rebooking and Refund Policy.
A home’s cancellation policy is subject to, and may be overridden by, the Airbnb Luxe Rebooking and Refund Policy or cancellations by Airbnb for any other reason permitted under the Terms of Service.
Airbnb has final say in any dispute between hosts and guests regarding the application of these cancellation policies.