How can I see or change the cancellation policy for my listing?

Your cancellation policy is automatically set as Flexible when you list your space.

To view or change your cancellation policy, go to Your Listings > Manage Listing and Calendar > Terms. The Terms section only appears as an option after you complete the required steps and list your space.

If you update your cancellation policy, it only applies to reservations booked after you make the changes. Changes do not apply to upcoming reservations that were already accepted. There are 3 cancellation policies you can choose from:

  • Flexible: full refund up until 1 day prior to arrival, except fees.
  • Moderate: full refund up until 5 days prior to arrival, except fees.
  • Strict: 50% refund up until 1 week prior to arrival, except fees.

For all long-term reservations (28 nights or more), the Long Term policy is automatically applied:

  • Long Term: first month down payment, 30-day notice for lease termination. Automatically applied to all reservations of 28 nights or more.

One policy is available by invitation only:

  • Super Strict: 50% refund up until 30 days prior to arrival, except fees. Available by invitation only and requires an increased host fee of 5%.

If your guest cancels the reservation, your payout is determined by the cancellation policy you had in place at the time of booking. You can refund your guests more than the policy allows.

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