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Community expectations

  • Community policy

    What’s expected of guests

    We expect our guests to uphold certain standards and be considerate and respectful of their Hosts, Hosts’ neighbors, and any other community members they may meet.
  • Community policy

    Interacting honestly

    No one should misrepresent themselves or their intentions while using Airbnb.
  • Community policy

    Being a good neighbor

    Respect must extend beyond the Airbnb community to those around us. That respect includes avoiding disturbing neighbors with disruptive parties, events, noise, or other agitating behaviors and actions.
  • How-to • Guest

    Airbnb guest limits

    Guests should respect the approved number of guests and ask Hosts before bringing more people.
  • How-to

    Who is eligible for emergency stays through

    The program supports evacuees, relief workers, medical patients and their caregivers, refugees, and asylum seekers.
  • Community policy

    Community Disturbance Policy

    It is important that those who use Airbnb are respectful to the community around us.
  • Community policy

    Ground rules for guests

    Please review our ground rules for guests.
  • Community policy

    Airbnb’s Off-Platform Policy

    Please review our Airbnb Off-Platform Policy
  • Community policy

    How Airbnb screens for potential party risk

    When Airbnb users attempt to make reservations on Airbnb, we carry out certain risk assessments to determine whether the reservation may carry a high risk, such as potential safety risks and risks associated with parties and social events.
  • Community policy

    Circumvention Policy

    When we prohibit someone from using Airbnb, remove or suspend their listing, or take other enforcement action against them, they are not permitted to bypass (or “circumvent”) our enforcement.