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Select your home type

When guests book your place, they want to know what they’ll be getting. Choose the home type that best describes your place, and make sure to provide additional (and accurate) details.

Entire place

  • Guests will have the whole place to themselves, including a private entrance and no shared spaces
  • An entire place usually includes a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen
  • Do make sure to note if you’ll be on the property (ex: “Host occupies first floor of the home")


  • Guests will have their own private bedroom with a door for sleeping
  • Other areas, such as a kitchen, living room, or bathroom could be shared
  • Bathrooms can be shared, private and attached, or dedicated exclusively to the guest. You can note this in your Listing details
  • Learn more about Rooms

Shared room

  • Guests will be sleeping in a bedroom or a common area that could be shared with others
  • It helps to note how many people they might be sharing with

Specify who’s present at your room listing

When booking a room, guests want to know who else they may be sharing the home with, especially if the Host isn’t present or if other guests may be there. Hosts can specify who is at their place when adding a new listing or in the description of their place.

Change your listing type

  1. Click Listings and select the listing you want to edit
  2. Under Listing editor, click Your space
  3. Click Property type and then click Listing type
  4. Select from the options and click Save
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