What does the room type of a listing mean?

Hosts on Airbnb offer a wide variety of spaces, ranging from shared rooms to private islands.

While you can filter searches to look for something more specific (like boats or castles!), all listings are categorized into the following three room types: shared rooms, private rooms, and entire homes/apartments.

Shared rooms are for when you’d like a comfy, communal experience, and don't mind sharing a space with others. When you book a shared room, you'll be sharing your bedroom and the entire space with another person or persons. These rooms work best for the flexible traveler looking to make friends, and a budget-friendly stay.

Private rooms are great for when you prefer a little privacy, yet still value a local connection. When you book a private room, you'll have a bedroom to yourself, but will share some spaces with others. With a private room, you'll be able to wake up to greet your new friends in the kitchen and have the freedom to bid them adieu at bedtime.

Entire homes/apartments are for you if you are seeking a home away from home with complete privacy and the freedom to cook breakfast in your pajamas. With an entire home/apartment, you'll have the whole space to yourself. You can be your own host, make your own dinner, and remember to treat your listing with the respect and courtesy you would at your own home.

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