What if a host asks me for more money than what I paid on the site?

All pricing details are included when you book a reservation. If additional fees are agreed to after a reservation has been accepted, use the Resolution Center to securely adjust your payment.

Please be sure to review the listing's description and the reservation details on the checkout page before booking in order to understand how much you are paying. You can verify the amount of a reservation you paid for on your billing receipt.

You may owe more money if:

• You alter your reservation

• Your host makes a claim on your security deposit

• Your host require taxes to be paid at check-in—this needs to be clearly stated on the listing prior to booking

We do not endorse off-site payments or cash payments. All off-site transactions are done at your own risk, and Airbnb cannot verify the validity of any transactions done outside our system.

If a host asks you for more money than what you paid on the site and it was not stated in the listing or in the message thread, please contact us and we'll contact your host directly.

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