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What does awaiting payment mean?

Awaiting payment means that a host has accepted a guest's reservation request, but the guest's payment hasn’t gone through yet. In most cases, this means the guest needs to update information related to their payment method.

When a reservation is awaiting payment:

  • The guest who made the reservation request will have 24 hours to successfully update their payment info before the reservation can be confirmed.
  • If the guest doesn’t update their payment method within 24 hours, the request to book will be canceled without penalty to the host or guest. 
  • Hosts no longer has the option to decline awaiting payment requests.
  • While the guest is updating their payment info after sending a request to book, dates will be blocked on the host’s calendar for up to 24 hours. This helps us prevent glitches such as a hosts getting multiple payments for requests from multiple guests for the same dates.
  • If the current guest doesn’t confirm their payment info, the request will be cancelled penalty-free and other guests will be able to send inquiries or requests for those dates.
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