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Use wishlists to save listings

You’ve created a wishlist to keep track of your favorite listings. So, what’s next?

Save to a wishlist

We’ll help you keep track of all the wonderful things you discover on Airbnb. Simply click or tap the heart on any listing you want to keep top of mind. You’ll have the option to create and name a new wishlist or add it to an existing wishlist. Dates are always saved to wishlists at the listing level, meaning when you visit your wishlists, the dates you previously used to search will be listed below the listing card.

After you’ve created or selected a wishlist to save to, new saves from the same search will be assigned to the same wishlist automatically. You can change where the listing is saved by selecting Update after you save.

Up to 100 listings may be saved per wishlist.

Add notes

You can add notes to listings saved on wishlists. Notes are personal to you, and can’t be viewed by your collaborators. To add a note, select a wishlist—you’ll see an option to Add a note under each listing in the wishlist. Select this option to add your note (up to 250 characters) then select Save. To delete a note, select Edit and delete the note text, then Save.

If you remove a listing from a wishlist, any attached notes will also be permanently deleted.

Collaborate with friends

Get everyone excited by allowing them to add listings to your wishlists. You can invite someone to your wishlist by selecting the share icon (next to the three dots) at the top of the individual wishlist page. There are two options for sharing: you can either Send a link via third-party messaging so your friend can only view the wishlist, or you can add your friend to Collaborate on the wishlist, allowing them to add listings to the list. The share button will also show who’s already been added as a collaborator to the list.

Share a wishlist

Share a wishlist on desktop

  1. Click your Profile and go to your Wishlists
  2. Select the wishlist you want to share
  3. Click the share icon 
    1. To add someone as a viewer, select Send a link and choose how you want to share your wishlist
    2. To add someone as a collaborator, select Collaborate and choose how you want to share your wishlist

To remove a collaborator’s access to a wishlist, select Update and Remove.

Edit a wishlist

To edit a wishlist, select the three dots in the wishlist you want to edit. From here, you can select Rename or Delete it. If it’s a wishlist owned by someone else where you’re a collaborator, you’ll also have the option to Leave.

In the Wishlists tab, you can enter edit mode by selecting Edit, which will cause an x to appear in the corner of each listing in the wishlist. You can tap the x on any listing to remove it from the wishlist. When you’re done, simply select Done. You can also remove a listing from a wishlist directly from the listing page by clicking or tapping the heart  on the listing you want to remove.

Delete a wishlist

Delete a wishlist on desktop

  1. Click your Profile and then click Wishlist
  2. Select the wishlist you want to delete
  3. Click the three dots
  4. Click Delete, confirm your choice, then click Delete again

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