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From fresh fruit to fresh laundry, this is where local Airbnb hosts go for the basics.

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364 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Organic. Produce we love and trust. 2nd floor has clothing, vitamins, herbs, shampoo, toiletries - all organic. They also have prepared ( cooked ) food to eat there, bring back home, or to a picnic.

Eco-minded chain with natural & organic grocery items, housewares & other products (most sell wine). Also has a hot bar with a large selection if you don't feel like cooking or going out to a rest... read more

Freshest quality and wide range of fruits & vegetable, fresh food, plus a big salad/sushi bar. A lot of organic items. If you plan to cook regularly, go here!

325 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Chef Mario Batali's tour de Italy. Seriously this place is massive, it is always packed, but there is good reason- everything is delicious. Inside they have 5 different Italian restaurants- fish, m... read more

The largest Italian market in the world, feature a collection of restaurants, a fishmonger and butcher (and vegetable butcher), an espresso bar, a wine store, a cheese store, a cooking school, a ki... read more

Eataly is the largest Italian marketplace in the world, comprising a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery and a rooftop. Just imagine a mall of Italian foods. Take 5th avenue ... read more

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If you don't know Trader Joes then I should probably explain it in person. Amazing grocery store for premade meals and snacks etc, worth the long line, cheap. NO wine at this location though.

Love Tradert Joe's! They have unique fantastic products, love the Lobster roll, Promax power bars,Seasonal flavored beer. Fast and so friendly and don't forget to stop by the Wine Store next door."

Best for the Buck! Trader Joe's is also located inside an historical building. Lines look long but it goes fast, they have a ton of registers! Great place to buy snacks.

195 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Probably NYC's most economical supermarket, with a huge range of groceries, and a great place to pick up basic necessities - especially if you're on a budget. Either get there early (before 9am) or... read more

Go here to buy foods to prepare meals and/or breakfasts. It's right off the 3rd Avenue L and they have quality products at the best prices you'll find in the city. The line can get long at peak tim... read more

Love Tradert Joe's! They have unique fantastic products, love the Lobster roll, Promax power bars,Seasonal flavored beer. Fast and so friendly and don't forget to stop by the Wine Store next door."

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This is the most convenient Whole Foods; directly off the 1 and A trains at 59th Columbus Circle. For higher quality and gourmet specialty foods, this is one place to go. Grab an easy lunch at thei... read more

Whole Foods is located on the bottom floor of the Columbus Circle shopping mall. You enter the mall and take the escalator downstairs to the market. The lines are longest around 5 PM, although it's... read more

A must for grocery essentials. A great salad bar and wine store next door. If you buy heavy items you can hop in a cab for about $5 back home so it's nice to stock up. Lines can be long on weekends... read more


Best Market Harlem

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2187 Frederick Douglass Blvd·Map·Hours·Website·

162 local Airbnb hosts recommend

The best grocery store! Fresh everything. Big selection. It reminds me of a cheaper whole foods. Plus they have an amazing beer store on the top floor. And the basement section is very New York.

5 - 8 minutes walk. Open till midnight. Good hot food selection from pizza, BBQ ribs, chicken and brisket to sushi and salads. Even fresh juice/smoothies. Cheese selection. Complete supermarket.

Open from 6am-midnight. Great alternative to restaurants (and crazy tips) for prepared foods (Pizza, sushi etc...) and largest craft beer collection on 2nd floor if you are beer connoisseur !

168 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This high scale grocery market conveniently located next to a train entrance. Huge selection of organic food choices are nicely complimented by the cafe area upstairs where you can dine with a fres... read more

Take the M14D bus across the street on Ave D and it will take you to Union Square. Make sure you take the M14D back home and not the M14A (goes along Ave A).

Until Whole Foods opens in Williamsburg, we still pick up our groceries at the Union Square location, and then hop on the L train. Trader Joe's is also down the block on 3rd Ave.

146 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Best prices in all of New York City!! Don't be scared by the long, long lines at the register; they are really organized and move super fast. Try their chocolates and peanut and almond butters! Mmmmm!

It gets very busy on weekends (may have long line-ups in front of the store) and some of the items sell out.. I would go here if you want to experience the hustle and bustle of NY grocery scene. Th... read more

Most affordable grocery store in Manhattan. It's also the busiest TJ's in the world. They re-stock the shelves several times a day! For the budget-conscious, it's your best best and right of the 1/... read more

156 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A unique scene: high end supermarket with adjoining Beer Garden and a promenade overlooking Superfund site at Gowanus Canal. Seems an unlikely location, but kinda neat if you are there. The area h... read more

At more than 56,000 square-feet, Whole Foods Market Third & 3rd (named after the store’s cross streets at 214 3rd Street) offers a full range of high-quality natural and organic foods including a v... read more

LOVE Whole Foods! Gotham Greens green house on location where salad mix is grown on location. Includes a butcher, and bakery onsite. There is a large eating area upstairs with free wifi and The R... read more

138 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Everything is organic, fair-trade and delicious at this huge supermarket. You can also buy freshly made sushi and hot meals - perfect for a grab-n-go lunch to take with you to Central Park!

I love Wholefoods! Great quality ingredients and freshly prepared meals daily. Hot plates, cold bar and sushi bar so you can skip prepping your meals every day!

Healthy groceries, organic produce, coffee bar with alternative milks (almond, rice, coconut), great buffet (eat in or take it to the park for a picnic!).

126 local Airbnb hosts recommend

If you don't know Trader Joes then I should probably explain it in person. Amazing grocery store for premade meals and snacks etc, worth the long line, cheap. NO wine at this location though.

Eating healthy and boycott overpriced Whole Foods? Welcome to the Trader Joe's family. Quality organic produce that does not torture your paycheck. Hands down best value for your buck!

This is the cheapest grocery store in the ares. Long lines, but they move really fast! I shop as I wait in line.

148 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Local chain highlighting natural & organic fare such as produce, meat, fish, bread & prepared foods.

When you need everything in one place", these "lovely" markets fill the bill with an "incredible array" highlighting natural and organic goods, all organized into "pretty displays"

My favorite grocery store in all of NYC. Better than Whole Foods. They literally have everything you could ever imagine and it's not a huge mega-store with too many people. Feels like a local spot

142 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Amazing selection of food and natural products. Huge walk-in freezer for beer, meats, beverages, lots of local products in a wide variety of categories, organic fruits/veg. Everything at fair price... read more

One of the best supermarkets in the city. It has great gourmet foods, fresh baked goods, artisanal cheeses, high end meats. It's a little bit of a walk, though, and is uphill coming back.

Best supermarket in NYC!! Fresh breads, fruits, vegetables, organics, pickle bar, and a huge refrigerated section with dairy, meat/fish counters and a vast beer selection.

130 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Our go-to grocery store. Suburb quality in the city. Good produce, beer selection, deli, and the prices are too bad either.

Big neighborhood grocery store. They have a pretty good beer selection including beer on tap if you bring your own growler (bottle)!

Newly refurbished supermarket that carries a wide range of food, including loads of organic and gourmet items.

133 local Airbnb hosts recommend

We rarely go here, but it is a nearby grocery store. Typically we get our meat/veggies at Meat Hook, and our other groceries from Whole Foods or Khim's, but decent quality here.

This is the best nearby all-purpose supermarket, offering a good selection of normal foodstuffs as well as fancier stuff, plus decent produce. It's cramped, like most New York supermarkets.

Best grocery store around. Decent aisles to fill your cart up in. Everything you need! Plus they do free delivery.

133 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Big specialty supermarket with anything you could imagine. Extensive cheese department, bakery, meat and fish counter, olive bar, organic produce and huge selection of specialty and imported products.

If you are looking for a place to go grocery shopping and that doesn't cost a fortune (like the grocery store next to our apt), then I would trek over to this one as it's huge and more affordable f... read more

Huge selection of foods, cheeses and specialty items, as well as regular groceries. There is also a brand new Whole Foods Market at 3rd & 88th Street.

116 local Airbnb hosts recommend

As supermarkets go Whole Foods is one of the best. The selection of organic high quality food is fantastic, especially for vegans or health conscious eaters. Cooked foods and fresh salads also ava... read more

This is the Whole Foods I prefer compared to the other nearby ones as it is more spacious and easily accessible compared to the one in Union Square. It's still only a 12 minute walk.

Good organic produce, very busy after 4p, so go during the day. Farmers markets can offer better produce depending on the season, but this is convenient.

123 local Airbnb hosts recommend

For the gourmet grocery mavens, Fairway boasts great produce and an array of internationally renowned goodies - from British biscuits to Belgian chocolates. Also close to the 1/2/3 subway line.

Fairways is an institution we all rely on for our daily bread, quite literally. It can get a bit chaotic, but it's worth braving it. Don't forget to check upstairs in their organic section & cafe!

Famous grocery store, also a very good one that's open to 1AM. They have the largest selection of sardines, olive oils, smoked salmons, chocolates, cheeses, and other highend provisions I've ever seen

96 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Excellent selection of bread, cheese, meat, fish, produce, etc. Much of it locally sourced. Expensive but worth it for treats and/or small shopping expeditions.

Small upscale grocery store a nice walk away from home. Don't expect to escape without dropping $$$ on delicious fancy things. Prepared foods, ultra-fresh produce.

Great market for all high quality meat produce and groceries. Many sustainable, organic and local choices. This place is like Whole Foods but much smaller. They have a full butcher counter, local g... read more

93 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This grocery store while a bit further away has a very extensive availability of quality items. Excellent organic produce, baked goods, as well as meat and cheeses, coffee and other items. It close... read more

Beautiful produce abounds at this natural- and healthfood-leaning grocery store. Note: it stocks every kind of agave you could want, but no meat.

Excellence in grocery shopping. Amazing bagels and other fresh bread items, produce, and organic meats for sale here.

96 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Simply one of the best food stores in Manhattan. World famous. Fabulous Cheese Dept. Coffee beans, Appetizing, smoked meats, prepared foods, etc. Plus they have a cafe next door.

Zabars takes up an entire block with their cafe, gourmet store, and kitchen utility store upstairs. Worth a browse for sure! Their cafe is very reasonable & a great place to mingle with native NYers.

This is a must-do. Hand cut smoked fish, they've been cutting it like this for 100 years. 600 types of jam, every time of condiment you can ask for. Great place to pick up some things for a Ce... read more

91 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Supermarket for your everyday needs. C-Town sells produce, dry goods (rice, beans, etc.), paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper), beer, and snacks.

It used to be this not so good supermarket. With the neighborhood changing it developed into a good store where you find everything from organic produce to canned products.

This is the closest grocery store with a great selection. Classic city set up with goods stacked to the ceiling!

90 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This place is a Health Food store of sorts and is a bit pricey. On the bright side, its open 24hrs. If you need food late night, this is a great store to go to. Ask me about the "Fresh Arugula" story.

Sunac is the local supermarket within few minute walking distance. They offer great coffee too, if you want to grab a cup to go and hop right on the L train which is located across the street.

Natural food grocery store open late night, a little over priced but slightly nicer than the Key Foods by our place.

96 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Super Foodtown lots of organic products and produce, gluten-free, specialty items covers all the basics good soundtrack all the time actually fun place to shop good reflection of the neighborhood

Excellent (and HUGE) grocery store with everything you could ever need, including fresh produce, organic everything, staples, and even great pre-prepared food. Open 'til midnight!

This place is easiest to get to by taking the C train 1 stop toward Manhattan to Kingston Throop Station, get out and walk one and half blocks away from the McDonalds along Fulton st. It will be on... read more

91 local Airbnb hosts recommend

This is the market where the "locals" go. It has pre-existed both Whole Foods and Union Market and is quite convenient.

Super market that's open 24/7. Carries organic food as well as everything else.

24 hours. Inexpensive. Everything you could need + an amazing beer selection.

92 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Across the street from our loft is Brooklyn Natural - a small grocery store. It's open 24 hours and has everything you need. Very good for emergencies. Overpriced though.

Very pricey but good sandwich bar (not too expensive) and it's also open 24 hours. Right by the Morgan L stop entrance on Bogart

24-hours convenient store, Small, colorful grocery store with health-focused fare & a selection of prepared & deli items.

71 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Where can you get a coffee and breakfast in the morning, a haircut and a shave in the afternoon and a great cocktail in the evening? Right here! Gotta check it out!

Great place to grab a coffee. Also you can get a haircut, beard trim while you sit back and have a free drink with it. Also great breakfast sandwiches

This is barbershop, coffee shop and bar all rolled into one. Breakfast is really good here, or just stop in for a drink in the evening- they do trivia nights and sometimes live music

68 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Yoga to the people is by donation only, so if you're on a budget and missing your workout, head over here for a cheap one. The classes are busy so arrive 15-20 minutes in advance to secure a spot.

Yoga to the People is a great place to go to relax and stretch out those achy muscles after walking all across NYC. All drop-in classes regular yoga by donation and hot yoga $10 a session

Local yoga place, donation based and also hot yoga!

78 local Airbnb hosts recommend

A very cool entrance thru a barber shop, right into a secret hidden bar, with a live DJ and a nice dancefloor. The true NYC style of place.

If you're looking for a speakeasy dance bar. Then look no further than the Blind Barber, just a few blocks away. It's hidden in the back of an old school barber shop. Get there a lil early on weeke... read more

There's a cocktail bar behind the barber shop. Great drinks and a cool speakeasy. It can be difficult to get into late at night though.

73 local Airbnb hosts recommend

Best food market in area. Located on basement level, enter at 30th Street. Fresh fish, meats, great deli, beer, etc. Known for their cheese and gourmet selections.

Large selection of mostly what one need to make a nice dinner. Fruit and Vegetable, italian coffee, English/ Chinese Tea to French cheese and olive.

Iconic, NYC chain of supermarkets. This one opened up about a couple of years ago and has a mix of conventional and organic items. This is our go-to supermarket in the neighborhood.