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Parks and nature in Havana

Top parks

“Completed in 1877 after the city walls were knocked down, the park is bordered by El Prado, Zulueta, San José and Neptuno Streets. It is surrounded by significant buildings, such as the Gran Teatro de La Habana; the Inglaterra, Telégrafo, Parque Central and Plaza hotels; the shopping complex known as Manzana de Gómez; and the building devoted to international art of the Museo de Bellas Artes. In the late 18th century, the park was pretty much bare of trees and mostly paved. Trees, fountains and sculptures were added to the park after 1959.”
  • 101 locals recommend
“Great place to go with children on weekends. Minigolf, horse riding, play ground...”
  • 55 locals recommend
“It's a beautiful place with the iconic Beatle statue at a human scale sitting in a bench waiting for some company”
  • 49 locals recommend
“It constitutes the generating point of the city of Havana (1519). Its layout evokes that of the fortified squares of medieval Europe. In its perimeter were the headquarters of the civil and military authorities in the colonial , and the church of the City. The construction of the [Castillo de la Real Fuerza], begun in 1558, occupied much of this primitive square. You can see the monumental complex El Templete, built in 1828 on the site that is supposed to have celebrated the first mass and the first town hall in Havana in 1519. You can also see the "Palacio del Segundo Cabo" since 1771, and since 1776, on the north side of the Plaza, the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales ...”
  • 64 locals recommend
Dessert Shop
“It is a forest in the same Havana, in the outskirts where it seems that time has stopped with that vegetation and those trees so characteristic and typical of the area, really a good place to rest, make some good photos and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Address: Almendares River and 23 Avenue, Havana, Cuba.”
  • 48 locals recommend
“Main Ice cream shop in cuba, located in the main corner of Havana 23 and L. The Iceam here are sold in Cuban Pesos.”
  • 58 locals recommend
“Areas verdes para hacer picnic, jugar, tomar aire, hacer ejercicios. Green areas to picnic, play, take a breath, exercise.”
  • 39 locals recommend
“A bit outside of Havana locals go for a picknick or horseback riding. There is also a small amusement park for smaller children. ”
  • 36 locals recommend


“Santa María is the most popular beach among both Habaneros and visitors. It has lodgings, restaurants, watersports hire, grocery stores and a pharmacy. As with the other beaches, it boasts soft, white sand.”
  • 45 locals recommend
“Santa María beach with 8 kilometers of good quality sand, Santa María del Mar is the longest beach of the north littoral of Havana. Opposed to other beaches in Cuba where one can only find tourists, Playa Santa Maria del Mar is very popular among the habaneros, who can frequently enjoy these warm waters thanks to their closeness to the city.”
  • 40 locals recommend


“Enjoy the nature along with some history of the earliest nineties in Cuba! ”
  • 33 locals recommend