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    What is Airbnb for Work?

    With homes and boutique hotels around the world, Airbnb for Work makes it easy to travel and collaborate with your co-workers.

    Benefits include a search filter on that shows homes and boutique hotels reviewed specifically for work trips. You’ll also get exclusive offers when you add a work email to your Airbnb profile.

    Finding homes for work trips

    Search for work-ready homes by selecting the Work trip filter on The results display homes and boutique hotels with high ratings from business travelers. Hosts have indicated that these properties also have safety devices like smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Find out more about the requirements for work-ready listings.

    How to enroll your company

    If you manage your company’s travel, you can sign up for Airbnb for Work for free.

    Benefits include a free admin dashboard that makes it easier to book and manage company trips on Airbnb. This dashboard gives admins better awareness and accurate reporting on employee trips. Find out more about the Airbnb for Work admin dashboard.

    Admins also have access to features like price alerts and payment groups to help manage company travel spending. And if they have questions, admins can contact Airbnb community support to get help from a team with expert knowledge in the Airbnb for Work dashboard.

    If your company is already enrolled in Airbnb for Work, find out how to join your company’s Airbnb for Work account.

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