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Adding business travel details to a trip

If you’ve added your work email to your profile or enrolled in Airbnb for Work, you can add business travel notes to a trip. Being a “verified” business traveler means you’ve added your work email to your Airbnb account, though it’s your choice whether to add business details to a trip.

Note: Once a reservation is confirmed, you may still be able to add details/notes, but changes can not be made to the original receipt. If you need to add information to your receipt, you can have it reissued by canceling and rebooking your trip.

To add business travel details

  1. Go to Trips, choose Upcoming or Past, and select the trip you want to edit
  2. Go to Payment info
  3. If you’re verified, select This is a business trip (if not, skip this step)
  4. Click Add details for expensing your trip
  5. Enter your billing address or any other relevant details, then click Save

Adding VAT details to your notes won’t affect the VAT charged on your reservation. VAT invoices cannot be changed. Learn more about how VAT may apply to you.

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