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Searching for pet-friendly places

Whether you’re looking for pet-friendly or pet-free, you can find a listing’s pet policy in its House rules section. Even if a listing says pets are allowed, always contact the Host to confirm, tell them about the pet(s) you plan to bring, and find out if restrictions apply. For instance, pets may not be allowed on beds or sofas.

Find listings that allow pets

  1. Enter your destination in Where are you going?
  2. Click Guests and add the number of people and pets you'd like to bring
  3. Click Search

Find out if pets live at the property

Hosts must list if pets live at their place, so check the Things to know section under Health and safety to find out if pets are mentioned.

Service animals

We recognize that service animals are not pets, and that they serve a critical function for their owners. A Host is required to accept service animals (even if they don't allow pets), except in limited health and safety circumstances.

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