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Confirm that guests can find your listing

There are millions of listings on Airbnb, and yours deserves to shine just as much as the rest. How can you tell if people are finding/making their way to it?

Check your listing's views

You can confirm if your listing is showing up in search results by checking the number of views your listing has:

Check listing views on desktop

  1. Click Today and click Menu
  2. Click Insights
  3. Click Conversion and then click Views

There, you can select similar listings in the dropdown menu to compare your views with other listings in your market.

Search for your listing

Put on your travel hat and think like a guest! Search for a stay to find out how your listing appears in search results.

Keep in mind that each guest gets different results, based on their search filters, booking history, and other criteria. If there are a lot of properties in your area, you may need to add a few filters to find your place. And remember, locations are approximate—people only find out exactly where a property is after their reservation is confirmed.

If your listing is not showing up

Can’t find your listing? Here are some things to check:

  • Is it a new listing? Listings are usually visible within 24 hours, but it may take up to 72 hours for some listings to show up in search results. 
  • Are the dates on your calendar blocked? Check if the dates on your calendar are open. If they're blocked for the dates you searched, your listing won't show up. Find out more about why your calendar might be blocked.

If you still can't find your listing, contact us

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