How do I use my calendar to check pricing and availability?

To confirm that your listing calendar is accurate, or review your confirmed reservations:

  1. Click your name in the top-right corner of
  2. Select Your Listings
  3. Under the listing you want to edit, click Manage Listing and Calendar

Dates of a confirmed reservation are red on your calendar. Because one reservation could start during the second half of a day when a previous reservation ends, start and end dates of a confirmed reservation are partially filled. Dates that you’ve marked as unavailable are grey.

Reservation details display on the check-in date of a confirmed reservation. If there are a lot of details, an ⓘ icon will appear on the check-in date. Hover your mouse pointer over ⓘ to display your notes.

If you want to see how your calendar looks when guests view it, go to your public listing page and click the Arriving section to open your calendar. Here, available dates are white and unavailable dates are grey. Your calendar also shows pricing information for all of your available dates.

Your base nightly rate will show for each available night. If you set weekend rates, those prices will show on the appropriate dates. And if you choose to override either nightly or weekend rates with custom rates for specific nights, those will display instead.

It’s important to note that whenever you set a new price for a date, it will override previous pricing settings. For example, if you apply a special rate to a 10-day period, those prices will override your weekend prices for the weekend dates included in that period.

Long-term pricing options for trips that last for 7 days or more will not display on either your Manage Listings calendar or your public calendar. Therefore, to troubleshoot pricing confusion with guests, we recommend reviewing your custom pricing settings for the dates included in a booking inquiry or reservation request.

If you have more than one active listing, you will also have the option to view your multi-calendar to see all of your calendars at once.

  1. Click your name in the top-right corner of
  2. Select Your Listings
  3. Click the View Multi-Calendar button in the upper right-hand corner 
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