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Linking calendars for multiple Airbnb listings

No one wants to be double-booked. If you have multiple listings within the same place, like one for a private room and another for the entire place, you can link their calendars. That way, when you accept a trip request for the entire place, the dates will also be blocked on the private room's calendar.

To link calendars for multiple listings: 

You can only link calendars for listings that have the same primary Host (for example, Co-Hosts can't link calendars).

Link calendars on desktop

  1. Click Calendar and select the listing calendar you want to link
  2. Click Availability, then go to Connect calendars
  3. Click Connect multiple Airbnb listings
  4. Choose the main listing that contains your other listings
  5. Click Next
  6. Select the listings you want to link
  7. Click Link calendars

Calendars are only linked between the listings you select.

To unlink calendars for multiple listings:

  1. Go to Calendar and select the listing calendar you want
  2. Go to the panel on the right side or click on Settings  to find your pricing and availability settings
  3. Click Availability, then go to Calendar sync
  4. Click Link other calendars
  5. Click Edit displayed on the linked calendars
  6. Deselect the listing you want to unlink
  7. Click Save

Syncing external calendars

Managing multiple calendars? Learn how to connect your Airbnb calendars with third-party websites.

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