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Messaging between Hosts and Co-Hosts

Discussing when your next guest arrives, maintenance needs, or any other details—messaging between Hosts and Co-Hosts on Airbnb makes collaboration a breeze.

Who can message Hosts and Co-Hosts on Airbnb

The Host and any Co-Hosts on the same listing can communicate with one another through messaging on Airbnb. This includes Co-Hosts with any level of Co-Host permissions.

Messages can be sent between the Host and a Co-Host, as well as between any Co-Hosts one-to-one.

Start a message thread with the Host or a Co-Host

  1. Go to Listings and select the applicable listing
  2. Click Co-Hosts and select the Host or a Co-Host
  3. Next to their name, click Message 
  4. Write a message and click Send

If you receive a suspicious message from the Host or a Co-Host, you can report the message.

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    If you get a suspicious message, let us know by contacting us or flagging it in your inbox.
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