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Icons: Requesting to book

Icons are the most extraordinary experiences hosted by the world’s greatest icons across music, film, TV, art, sports, and more. You can find all of these Icons in a new category, with new ways to count down and get notifications for when Icons go live for booking requests.

What to know before you request to book

  • To submit a request to book, you need to have the Airbnb mobile app, an active Airbnb account, a completed profile, and be a resident of an eligible country or region.
  • You can search for Icons listings by going to the Icons category.
  • Icons will feature a countdown timer so you know the moment you can submit a request.
  • In the app, you can turn on notifications to alert you when the booking request period opens for an Icon and when it’s about to close. To turn on notifications, tap Notify me on each Icons' listing page.
  • Each Icon will be open for booking requests for a limited time. To request to book, choose your dates, add your guests, and then answer a question about why you want to go and fill our your profile. We will randomly choose a set of potential guests, review their answers for a unique perspective, passion for travel, and connection to the Icon, and invite selected guests to book. See full rules here, including age and geographic eligibility, how data will be used, odds of being selected and other terms.
  • It won’t cost you anything to submit a request to book.
  • Selected guests will be invited to book an Icon, and will have 24 hours to complete the booking. Travel costs are not included.
  • If selected, you’ll receive an invitation to book with a digital golden ticket via email; you’ll also receive a push notification if you have reminders turned on. You'll have 24 hours to complete the booking before it expires.
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