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Airbnb categories

Airbnb Categories is a way for guests to discover millions of unique places to stay around the world. It classifies homes in over 60 different categories based on their style, location, proximity to a travel activity, and other factors.

Guests searching for a place to stay can browse categories like Cabins, Lakefront, National Parks, and Adapted. They can also search listings by destination, and their results show up under My search.

Any listing on Airbnb can appear in My search if it matches a guest’s search for a particular destination. It can also show up in one or more Airbnb Categories if it meets specific criteria.

How listings are categorized

Listings in each category go through a curation process. Millions of homes on Airbnb are evaluated using machine learning to analyze titles, descriptions, photo captions, and guest reviews.

If you believe your listing is not correctly categorized, please contact us.

How to find your listing's category:

Hosts can check which Airbnb Category a listing is in by taking these steps:

  1. Go to the Listings section of your account
  2. Select the listing you want to check
  3. Click or tap Categories

If the listing is classified in any Airbnb Category (except My search), the name of that category is noted.

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