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Giving employees access to your Airbnb for Work dashboard

To grant your employees the right access to Airbnb for Work, you’ll first need to assign them one of these roles: Traveler, trip planner, or admin.


  • Travelers: Employees who are travelers can’t access the Airbnb for Work dashboard, but can book business stays using their own payment method, or by charging directly to your company if you have central billing enabled. An employee can also make a reservation request on behalf of another traveler, which the traveler can either accept or deny.
  • Trip planners: Employees who are trip planners have limited access to the dashboard and can only get details about the reservations they’ve booked. They can book stays on behalf of other employees who have authorized them to do so.
  • Admins: Employees who are admins have the most access and can do the most from the dashboard. Admins can download spending reports, add payment methods, book and manage work trips for other employees, and more.

Designating roles

To update an employee’s role:

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account and go to your Airbnb for Work dashboard
  2. Select People in the navigation bar
  3. Enter an employee name in the search bar, or browse the employee list from the dashboard
  4. Click the name of the employee whose role you want to change
  5. From their profile details, click Change role
  6. Select the desired role, then click Update

Your employee’s role will be updated immediately, and they’ll get an email letting them know about the change.

If you’ve granted temporary booking access to travelers outside your company, learn how to edit their access.

Approving role changes

If an employee submits a request to change their role, you can approve or reject it from your dashboard.

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account and go to your Airbnb for Work dashboard
  2. Click the Notifications icon in the navigation bar
  3. Click the Role requests tab to review any pending requests
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