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Adding a cleaning fee to a confirmed reservation

Did you recently up your cleaning game or hire a housekeeper? If so, you’ll want to add or update the cleaning fee in your listing, but you may also want to add it to a confirmed reservation or active trip.

For that, you’ll need your guest’s approval: Simply send them a trip change request with a new total price that includes the additional fee. When you do this, it’s a good idea to shoot them a message explaining the change.

Send your guest a trip change request

If you can’t host your guest at the place they booked, but can accommodate them at a different one, you’ll need to ask if it’s okay before sending a trip change request:

  • Message your guest about the change and include a link to the proposed listing—be sure to note the cost difference, if there is one
  • If they agree, send them a trip change request
  • If they don’t agree and no longer want to keep the reservation, you’ll need to cancel it so they can rebook elsewhere

Make sure your changes don't conflict with your listing settings. It’s also helpful to send your guest a message explaining why you’re asking for changes.

  1. Go to Reservations and select the reservation you want to change
  2. Click Details, scroll down and then click Change reservation
  3. Choose again the option to Change reservation
  4. Change listing, dates, number of guests, or price
  5. Review changes, then click Send request

Note: Cleaning fees aren’t applicable to listings in China.

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