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Adding an extra guest fee

Your place is set up to accommodate a certain number of guests, but maybe you’re OK with adding more if it brings in a little extra cash. Perhaps you’ve got an air mattress in the closet and a few extra essentials on hand—so why not?

You can add a fee for each guest you’re willing to put up beyond your normal limit. So, if the number of guests you’ve set in the Listing editor is 4, you can charge extra for the 5th and 6th guests and so on up to your comfort level.

To add an extra guest fee to your listing:

  1. Click Calendar and select the listing calendar you want to change
  2. Click Pricing
  3. Under Additional charges, click Fees
  4. Click Extra guest fee and make your changes
  5. Click Save

Your new fee only applies to future reservations. If you want to add an extra guest fee to a confirmed reservation, you’ll need to send your guest a trip change to adjust the price.

Learn why having a successful pricing strategy—like adding fees for extra guests—can protect your earnings in the Resource Center.

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