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Service fee refunds

If you need to cancel, you may be able to receive a refund on your entire reservation, including the service fee. So how does it work?

When the service fee is refundable

The service fee is refundable if you cancel before your reservation’s free cancellation period ends or if your Host decides to refund you in full after you cancel.

Find out if you’ll be refunded the service fee

Check your reservation’s cancellation policy to find out if you’re within the free cancellation period and will be refunded the service fee if you cancel.

If your reservation is in Italy or you’re a South Korean traveler

For reservations in Italy and for South Korean travelers in some cases, the service fee may be refundable if you cancel any time before check-in. Learn how to find the cancellation policy for a confirmed reservation.

Find out what else may be refunded if you cancel your reservation

When it comes to things like nightly rates and the cleaning fee, you may be eligible for a refund. Find out more about what can be refunded.

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