Glen Park

Local coffee shops, easy transit, and classic diners near a lush canyon filled with hiking trails.

Glen Park is a secluded-feeling gem easily accessed by San Francisco’s BART. The neighborhood’s picturesque streetscapes and village vibe lend its coffee shops, organic markets, and independent boutiques an undeniable charm. This gentle neighborhood offers more than simple small-town treasures—Glen Park also boasts seventy green acres and miles of hidden nature trails that weave through its lushly forested hillsides.

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On the Map

Glen Park is bordered by Noe Valley, Bernal Heights, Diamond Heights, Sunnyside, and Mission Terrace

San Francisco International Airport: 20 minutes by cab without traffic and 40 minutes by BART
Golden Gate Park: 42 minutes by public transit
Fisherman's Wharf: 49 minutes by public transit
The Ferry Building: 24 minutes by public transit

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Possible

A Merry Hamlet Outside the Heart of the City

green house glen park os35

Glen Park's ebullient atmosphere stems from its uncommon kindliness. Vibrance is more than a term reserved for the colors of its homes.

higher grounds coffee glen park os1
higher grounds os5
two women drinking coffee sf os3

It's a description of Glen Park's people, too.

hardware store glen park os6
parked bikes os10
glen park hardware os7
glen park bart station os11

From its local baker to its local jam-maker, Glen Park promotes artisanal ingenuity.

local jam maker sf os14

In Glen Park, proprietors take the phrase "Made With Love" seriously.

candle store os16

From it boutiques to its bookstores, Glen Park adds a personal touch.

books glen park os18
book clerk os20

You can do more than buy books here. You can attend readings and connect with authors.

chenery park restaurant os24

From its restaurants to its grocers, an open door is an invitation to conversation.

canyon market village grocer os29

An uncommon camaraderie emanates in this village-feeling neighborhood.

tygers coffee glen park sf os32

It's a comforting feeling, when your neighbors know your name.

glen park bar os44
bartender glen park os45

Visually Delighting Dwellings and Views

colorful victorian architecture os26

Colorful homes and quaint streets contribute to Glen Park's cinema-worthy setting.

sf suburbs os33
red door sf os34
red house os50

In this neighborhood, bungalows and Victorians snuggle together along the sidewalks.

bay window house sf os37

If bay windows, simple balconies, and inviting stoops weren't enough, Glen Park's garden sensibilities will steal your heart.

green house sf os38
beautiful flowers os55
porch steps sf os40
small house glen park os48

Little houses on the hilltops add to their allure in other ways.

glen park hilltop os61

Trekking to the top is worth it in Glen Park, a neighborhood that rewards uphill battles with unmatched views.

top hill glen park os51
sloping hill sf os52
beautiful houses os54
red door os56
cool architecture os58

Get to know Glen Park.

yellow blue house os60

You'll be glad you did.


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