World-renowned shopping centered around Union Square.

As the heart of the city, Downtown/Union Square is a never-ending stream of sights, sounds, smells, and places to shop (frugal wallets beware!). This neighborhood is known for 24-hour activity, whether you’re sipping early morning cappuccinos at a sidewalk cafe or on your third round of late-night drinks at a high-roller’s lounge. The bright lights of Downtown/Union Square act as a beacon for all those looking for a fast-paced urban atmosphere.

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On the Map

Downtown is bordered by Tenderloin, Chinatown, Nob Hill, Financial District, SoMa, Western Addition/NOPA, and Pacific Heights

SFO Airport: 30 minutes by cab without traffic or 50 minutes by BART
Golden Gate Park: 40 minutes by public transit
Fisherman's Wharf: 28 minutes by public transit
The Ferry Building: 15 minutes by public transit

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

Downtown's Ceaseless Clamor

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San Francisco's Downtown seems to be at capacity at all times.

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Be they locals rushing to work, shoppers rushing to registers, or sightseers walking slowly in-between, this neighborhood hosts an unending procession of people.

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Their mix of styles, ages, and outlooks adds to San Francisco's urban allure.

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Downtown might be busy, but there's always time for gentlemanly salutations.

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The nucleus of San Francisco is a popular spot to hop on its storied cable cars. Ride one down to the waterfront.

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The Center of High-Class Shopping in San Francisco

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Couture boutiques and classic department stores make their mark in Downtown San Francisco.

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From Chanel to Saks, you can choose to see it all and spend it all.

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