Home to beaches, universities, galleries, elegant restaurants and hip nightclubs.

Ipanema shares a border with Copacabana, but this world-class beach destination is more poised than its south Rio counterpart. Like a samba that swings so cool, this neighborhood is known for culturally enriching contributions and nonstop parties. Ipanema is home to universities, art galleries, elegant restaurants, hip nightclubs, and a robust cafe culture. The neighborhood’s mix of vocations creates a colorful beachside dynamic—students, surfers, professionals, and a thriving LGBT population frequents its sandy banks.

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On the Map

Ipanema is bordered by Lagoa, Leblon, and Copacabana

Galeão International Airport: 27 minutes by cab without traffic
Santos Dumont Domestic Airport: 21 minutes by cab without traffic
Lapa: 23 minutes by cab or 40 minutes by metro
Sugar Loaf Cable Car: 14 minutes by cab or 35 minutes by bus
Corcovado's Train Station: 13 minutes by cab or 50 minutes by bus

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Possible

More Stylish Than Copacabana: Ipanema's Coastal Culture

ipanema beach man coconut drink daytime comen2223

Ipanema is life as a painting. In this seaside neighborhood, tan skin contrasts white sand and blue water.

brazilian beach red chairs umbrella blaser53
rio de janeiro rental bike palm trees comen1113
cliff jumping rocky beach blaser84

Ipanema is a place to relax.

rio moasic sidewalk blaser43

It's a place to walk.

Ipanema condos block blaser41
brazilian flag scarves for sale boardwalk vendor blaser29
beach vendor sand stand blaser45

And a place to be proud.

surfer dude beach girl comen2252
brazilian beach vendor orange outfit comen2274

Although the neighborhood induces a calm atmosphere, Ipanema's inhabitants never seem to lack energy.

rio sunset surfer girl waiting wave silhouette mountains joaquim01

Surfing, setting, and sunning are just a few favorite pastimes.

sand beach volleyball ipanema comen1136
beach sun bather drink fresh coconut blaser68
brazil rio surfer girl guy residential street comen1089

In this neighborhood, one thing is certain.

sunset ipanema people silhouettes joaquim02

You won't be alone along the shore of Ipanema.

aerial view ipanema beach buildings blaser100
beachside kiosk juice snacks blaser39
rio yellow sunset crowds mountains admirers joaquim03

Where Cariocas Find Their Style

stylish cariocas girls comen2434

Boutiques and specialty stores crowd the neighborhood.

home design boutique store comen2379
home kitchen store comen2407

From designer spices to designer shoes, you can find it all in Ipanema.

highend appliances specialty store comen2465
home accessories design store comen2692
brazilian clothing fashion boutique comen2418

Buyer, beware. You can spend it all, too.

womens boutique cute dogs shopping comen2391
rio bookstore comen2452
ipanema art gallery comen2322
rio de janeiro home goods boutique comen2374
womens shoe store comen2361
ipanema upscale womens shop comen2702

Dining Is Sweet In Ipanema

brazilian beachy chic cafe comen2340

In Rio, time takes a little longer. In Ipanema, you're meant to linger.

cappuccino cafe comen2582
popular trendy restaurant rio janeiro comen2531

Linger over a cup of coffee or a conversation with friends.

commercial area galitos grill blaser5
candel lit restaurant ipanema comen2593
cafeina coffee bakery delicatessen blaser9

Linger over the pastry case at the local cafe.

leblon pastry display window delicious treats joaquim12

Whatever you do, just make sure you linger.

brazil bar restaurant daytime comen2574
ipanema restaurant kitchen staff comen1174
fresh baked goods cookies blaser11
brazilian bakery window blaser14
brazil baked goods sweets blaser12
restauant bar staff ipanema comen2579

The Human Connection

ipanema locals sidewalk chatter comen2705

In Ipanema, locals don't spend much time worrying. Instead, they spend their time with one another.

brazilian man shirtless beach kiosk comen2218
ipanema residents relaxing hanging out store comen2679

At the beach, on the street, in the park, or at the counter, time together is time well spent.

rua visconde piraja anibal mendonca street signs comen2413
public park community exercise equipment blaser21
public art sculpture playing trumpet comen2558

Crossing the street or coasting the boardwalk, embrace a slow pace.

bike rio public bicycle sharing system comen2309
beach goers blaser66

The neighborhood's inviting atmosphere encourages people to share.

event set up fake flowers comen2778
ipanema beach live music dusk comen1253
rio street food smiling chefs comen1031

In Ipanema, sidewalks become stages, beaches become venues, and friends become audiences. And still, the best part remains.

rio public sculpture girls hand holding pond blaser22

You're all there together.


Airbnb works with local photographers to capture the spirit of neighborhoods all around the world. The photography on this page includes work by:

Andre Joaquim

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Andre is both a dentist and photographer, living in Rio de Janeiro. He has a huge passion for Rio, and after shooting this project for Airbnb, he is certain that there is no place as beautiful as the city placed between the mountain and the sea.

Fabio Blaser

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Fabio Blaser is a Swiss photojournalist based in Rio de Janeiro. Before moving to Brazil, he graduated from the University of Plymouth in the UK. When not behind his camera, he enjoys the beaches, waterfalls, rainforest and Brazilian way of life. He loved the opportunity to shoot the wonderful tropical city that he is privileged to call home for Airbnb.

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Sam Comen is a 32-year-old bon-vivant and LA native who counts Esquire, Details, Rolling Stone, and The Wall Street Journal among his clients. He has been awarded national grants and honors for his long-term portrait essays. On assignment in Rio de Janeiro for 11 days with Airbnb, Sam came to love and admire the city's environment, natural splendor, and the Cariocas' easy-going attitude.