Beaches, bright lights, and long nights in Rio's best answer for beating tan lines.

In the 80s and 90s, Copacabana couldn't be slowed down. Cariocas (Rio natives) stretched for miles along the neighborhood's sandy coastline, and highly fashionable yet hardly visible bathing suits characterized this south Rio destination. Copacabana's fabulous crowds have since abated—many have migrated to the shores of neighboring beaches. Copacabana is still a culturally rich neighborhood, but for seaside relaxation or stylish shopping options, it's best to head west to Ipanema or Leblon.

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On the Map

Copacabana is bordered by Humaitá, Botafogo, Lagoa, Leme, Ipanema, and Urca

Galeão International Airport: 27 minutes by cab without traffic
Santos Dumont Domestic Airport: 17 minutes by cab without traffic
Lapa: 23 minutes by cab without traffic or 45 minutes by bus
Corcovado's Train Station: 13 minutes by cab without traffic or 40 minutes by bus
Sugar Loaf Cable Car: 11 minutes by cab without traffic or 25 minutes by bus

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

A Glamorous Past and An Aging Future

copacabana beach swimmers highrises comen1439

In the 1950s, Copacabana was the coolest place in Rio. Cariocas coveted a Copacabana address, and celebrities and trendsetters crowded its beaches.

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These days, Copacabana is still beautiful.

copacabana senior citizen beach bathing suit comen1430

It's just grown up. And grown older.

brazilian beach umbrellas woman cheeta suit comen1517

And bolder.

copacabana palace building blaser6

The Copacabana Palace opens the doors of its luxury suites to American celebrities and European glitterati. Experience its allure for yourself–dine at its restaurant or sip a Caipirinha at its bar.

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In Rio de Janeiro, every beach has its own sidewalk pattern. That way, you'll always know where you are.

rio city sidewalk mosaic design blaser49

Copacabana's representation is quite clear: the rippling tiles resemble ocean waves.

arpoador beach sunset boogie boarder joaquim06

A Casual Daytime Paradise

community park men playing cards table blaser17

Retiring has never been as rewarding as it is when one retires in Copacabana. Seaside card games with your gambling buddies? All in.

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copacabana commercial area crosswalk biker comen1332
rio city apartments comen1607
copacabana sidewalk magazine stand comen1305

Getting around the neighborhood is easy. Walking and biking are popular. If you're not keen on ambitious activity, Copacabana boasts three Metro stops.

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Off The Beach: Inside Copacabana

aerial view residences office buildings copacabana blaser70

Copacabana contrasts its sandy shore with striking urbanity.

acai juice bar blaser29
tropical fruit juice shop joaquim06
brazilian convience store market comen1757
copacabana cafe outdoor seating comen1613
store owner fresh smoothie rio janeiro comen1644

Roadside cafes provide refreshing nourishment. Rio de Janeiro is revered for its juice bars and straight-from-the-fishing-pole seafood.

fresh acai drink happy customer comen1700
cold beer tap joaquim03
full bar alcohol comen1349

We said it before, but we ought to say it again. Consider indulging in a cold beer.

bucket of beer joaquim02

It's the Rio way.


Airbnb works with local photographers to capture the spirit of neighborhoods all around the world. The photography on this page includes work by:

Andre Joaquim

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Andre is both a dentist and photographer, living in Rio de Janeiro. He has a huge passion for Rio, and after shooting this project for Airbnb, he is certain that there is no place as beautiful as the city placed between the mountain and the sea.

Fabio Blaser

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Fabio Blaser is a Swiss photojournalist based in Rio de Janeiro. Before moving to Brazil, he graduated from the University of Plymouth in the UK. When not behind his camera, he enjoys the beaches, waterfalls, rainforest and Brazilian way of life. He loved the opportunity to shoot the wonderful tropical city that he is privileged to call home for Airbnb.

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Sam Comen is a 32-year-old bon-vivant and LA native who counts Esquire, Details, Rolling Stone, and The Wall Street Journal among his clients. He has been awarded national grants and honors for his long-term portrait essays. On assignment in Rio de Janeiro for 11 days with Airbnb, Sam came to love and admire the city's environment, natural splendor, and the Cariocas' easy-going attitude.