Renovated lofts, craft breweries, and craft coffee shops dominate this famed Brooklyn neighborhood.

Brunch and bike away the day and lounge and drink away the night in this infinitely hip warehouse-turned-loft Brooklyn neighborhood. New York City’s top spot for looking awesome while ordering beers that come in a tall can, Williamsburg is a food, drink, and music lover’s paradise. This ultra-trendy neighborhood completes its super cool repertoire with alternative-looking street art and two-story murals.

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On the Map

Williamsburg is within Brooklyn and bordered by Queens, Clinton Hill, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Sunnyside, Maspeth, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Ridgewood

JFK Airport: 25 minutes by cab without traffic
LaGuardia Airport: 15 minutes by cab without traffic
Times Square: 24 minutes by subway
Wall Street / Financial District: 36 minutes by subway

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

Williamsburg: Brooklyn's First Trendsetter

williamsburg sunglasses inside bakery yp0029
brooklyn hipsters locking bikes polka dotted outfit yp0026

Williamsburg merits significant street cred. The neighborhood's self-conscious nonchalance sparked the beginning of a new kind of street style.

williamsburg crowded cafe cell phone yp0028

That spark ignited the fire of a fashion movement tightly embodied by skinny jeans and decidedly manufactured indifference.

coffee shop conversation yp0016
north williamsburg farmers market couple shopping yp005
bushmills irish wiskey advertisement furry coat tam64

As a destination for post-college twenty-somethings and creative minds, Williamsburg offers more than a fashionable legacy.

well dressed hipsters entering store yp0015

The neighborhood boasts cool bars, sleek boutiques, and record stores where you can still find first-pressed vinyl.

south williamsburg subway station short jean shorts yp0011
dive bar free pizza skee ball tam15

A Glimpse of Williamsburg Wares

williamsburg vintage womens boutique yp0018
brooklyn home design store yp0014
nyc brooklyn home design boutique yp0028
williamsburg wine shop tam21
nyc ugly luggage antique shop tam26

Williamsburg's Repurposed Industry

young adults williamsburg hangout yp0018

You could argue Williamsburg is a pioneer.

williamsburg beer hall young working professionals happy hour yp0027

As one of Brooklyn's first neighborhoods to create collector's items out of defunct warehouses, Williamsburg put repurposing back on the map.

brooklyn buildings graffiti yp0023
south williamsburg interesting architecture yp0039
brooklyn amazing street graffiti south 5th street yp0029

By Board or Bike: Williamsburg Gets Around

williamsburg skateboarders square yp008

Skaters and bikers are as common as walkers and loungers in Williamsburg's public spaces.

brooklyn bike rack yp0020
east river views parked bike yp0010
williamsburg bridge bike path yp007
gritty warehouse graffiti yp001

Bikes beat the alternative of wrestling for a parking place in a neighborhood where vacant spots are rare finds.

nyc j train subway station tam01

Williamsburg connects to Manhattan's Lower East Side via the Williamsburg Bridge, a rivet-and-bolt steel marvel that features easily accessible pedestrian and bike lanes.

nyc williamsburg bridge yp0012

High Energy After Dark

brooklyn nighttime restaurants shops atms tam31
crowded sidealk williamsburg night scene red lights tam33
nyc friends farewell hug tam44

When night arrives, Williamsburg really comes alive.

going out williamsburg nights tam32
late night food truck nyc tam49
williamsburg sidewalk cafe dinner tam54

Old, young, hip, and odd, Williamsburg's countless bars, cafes, and late-night conveniences promise entertainment until the sun rises.

bike parking night scene williamsburg subway tam58
brooklyn bar hopping tam52
peters since restaurant tam53
Williamsburg Tam

A head dress just for the fun of it. Costuming is a delightfully common occurrence in Williamsburg.


Airbnb works with local photographers to capture the spirit of neighborhoods all around the world. The photography on this page includes work by:

Youngna Park

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Youngna Park is a photographer and multimedia producer based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. In 2011, she co-produced the feature-length dance music video, "Girl Walk // All Day", with her husband (and fellow Airbnb photographer), Jacob Krupnick. Her photography is intertwined with the narratives of daily life, and highly influenced by the relationship between nature and urban spaces. Shooting for Airbnb was a great reminder of how wonderful and serendipitous meandering walks around NYC can be.

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Kenn Tam is a Canadian photographer living and working in New York City's Manhattan, that specializes in portraits and street photography. And yes, he was that high school year book guy with a 50mm lens for a face.