Washington Heights

Dominican street cuisine and peaceful green space in this uptown Manhattan escape.

If you’re looking for extra elbow room in Manhattan, head north to decidedly less-dense Washington Heights. Although it requires a commute to reach this far-uptown escape, the neighborhood’s community feel and plainspoken demeanor make up for the distance. Want more from Washington Heights? It’s also home to a thriving Dominican populace, and this neighborhood’s local fare is truly something to savor.

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On the Map

Washington Heights is within Manhattan and bordered by Morris Heights, The Bronx, Highbridge, Concourse Village, Inwood, Harlem, Hamilton Heights, and University Heights

Laguardia Airport: 20 minutes by cab without traffic
JFK Airport: 35 minutes by cab without traffic
Times Square: 30 minutes by subway
Wall Street / Financial District: 49 minutes by subway

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

Tight-Knit at the Top of Manhattan

washington heights parked cars quiet street blaylock25

Young professionals, mature Manhattanites, big dogs, and little babies–Manhattan's far-north neighborhood comprises a diverse community with a penchant for placid living.

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Dominican Influences

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Washington Heights appears demure, but this neighborhood dominates when it comes to ethnic cuisines.

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The chance to taste Washington Heights' sampling of Ecuadorian, Mexican, and Dominican flavors lures food aficionados to Manhattan's far reaches.

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The View from the Top

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Expansive parks and ethereal green spaces lead you to serene perches and resplendent viewing platforms.

fort tryon park nyc blaylock42
riverside dog walking upper manhattan blaylock39

Find your niche at Fort Tryon Park.

washington heights overlook blaylock44

Sure, Washington Heights requires a longer commute to get to the core of the Big Apple. But you know what they say.

washington heights river view changing leaves blaylock41

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.


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