Industrial era warehouses reimagined into coffee bars and late night New York hotspots.

Perfectly coiffed hostesses run the roost at Tribeca’s trendy bars and restaurants. As Tribeca is a late-night hotspot, the scene inside this neighborhood’s industrial-era warehouses is so stylish it can be intimidating. Counter Tribeca’s super cool crowd with its cobblestone streets, local cafes, and inviting park space, and you’ve found yourself a well-rounded, well-connected neighborhood in the midst of Lower Manhattan.

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On the Map

Tribeca is within Manhattan and bordered by Financial District, Chinatown, Battery Park City, Hudson Square, Civic Center, and Soho

JFK Airport: 35 minutes by cab without traffic
LaGuardia Airport: 25 minutes by cab without traffic
Wall Street / Financial District: 10 minutes by subway
Times Square: 18 minutes by subway

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Difficult

A Contemporary Classic In the Core of the Big Apple

tribeca grand brick corner building tam23

Located next to the Financial District, Soho, and Chinatown, the Triangle Below Canal (Try it: Tri-Be-Ca) boasts the best of NYC conveniences and big-city charisma.

restaurant seating outdoor tribeca tam09

Tribeca's cafes and shops lend the neighborhood a contemporary flair, while its fire-escaped facades recall classic New York City settings.

united states sailors nyc tam52
nyc flower shop tam57
quiet industrial feel street tam29
nyc edwards restaurant tam55
tribeca stylish architecture tam32
dog owner lower manhattan tam18
tribeca residences autumn day tam49

Stylish loft spaces and red-brick buildings create Tribeca's cinema-worthy streetscapes.

red brick building lower manhattan tam50
jogger bike path manhattan tam15
tribeca residences tam16
biking tribeca warehouses tam26

The relics of once-before businesses and fading advertisements add a rustically artful appeal to Tribeca's architecture.

graffiti tribecca tam30
high rises manhattan tam12
old tea company warehouse nyc tam08
old advertisement paint paste paper push nyc tam02

The Impeccable Taste of Tribeca

new york grabler manufacturing co warehouse tam34

Tribeca is known for more than its lavishly renovated buildings and trendy lofts.

danish restaurant tribeca nyc tam40

From food to fashion to film, Tribeca lives fabulously.

clothing boutiques manhattan tam45

Designer boutiques and Michelin-star worthy restaurants beckon residents and travelers to Tribeca.

nyc josephine cafe francais tam17
mr chow manhattan restaurant scene tam24
tribeca grill sign tam21

The neighborhood isn't reserved for the simply swanky.

a uno tribeca window display tam56

Sometimes, it's just simple.

liquor store converted boutique tam44
lower manhattan outdoor seating casual restaurant tam07
tribeca tavern tam43

Sidewalk cafes and casual taverns take the stage in Tribeca, too.

nyc horror film festival tribeca cinemas tam38
tribeca film festival tam37

When your palate craves more than sustenance and style, head to Tribeca Cinemas. The film house is revered for its festivals.

Getting Anywhere Is Easy from Tribeca

bikes for sale sidewalk tribeca bike shop tam03

Be it by bike, car, taxi, subway, or your own two feet, it's sublimely simple to get around Tribeca.

lower manhattan hour parking garage tam61
automated parking garage tam53

Just remember, traveling by four wheels comes at a price.

nyc yellow taxi tam01

Take a stroll and see Tribeca.

street view tribeca tam25
cobblestone streets new york tam11
stretch white escalade limo tam20

Or hop on the subway.

franklin street subway map tam74

You're near it all in this conveniently located neighborhood.

Tribeca By Night

tribeca tap house tam62

Tribeca's energy never seems to abate. As the evening replaces the afternoon, the neighborhood's nighttime energy becomes palpable.

late night pizza shop tam68
tribeca sidewalk view full bar tam70
dinner time outdoor seating manhattan tam54

Many of the neighborhood's trendiest restaurants don't begin to get crowded until late at night.

candlelit dinner through window tam69

And they stay open until the early morning.

city nighttime dog walk tam63
sidewalk construction nighttime tam72

Time is different in Tribeca.

biking sidewalk evening tam64
marble statue night nyc tam65
street scene headlights night view tam60

What fortunate timing we have to share in this perfect moment.

wedding photos nighttime nyc streets tam58

You look positively radiant.


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