Record stores, bagel shops, and Polish bakeries with a homey feel in Brooklyn.

A cozy little neighborhood with a strong Polish presence, Greenpoint’s charming townhouses and cramped shops imbue its streets with a sense of welcomed familiarity. It takes a little longer to reach always-on-the-move Manhattan from this northernmost Brooklyn neighborhood, but basking in Greenpoint's communal vibe is well worth the extra minutes. Also worth the journey? The stellar skyline views of downtown Manhattan from the rooftops of Greenpoint’s converted warehouses and loft apartments.

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On the Map

Greenpoint is within Brooklyn and bordered by Queens, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Maspeth, and Williamsburg

LaGuardia Airport: 15 minutes by cab without traffic
JFK Airport: 25 minutes by cab without traffic
Times Square: 29 minutes by subway
Wall Street / Financial District: 36 minutes by subway

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

A Creative Culture in a Polish Outpost

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Two distinct communities increasingly call Brooklyn's northernmost neighborhood home. Creative upstarts are swiftly moving in and sharing Greenpoint's streets with its long-term Polish population.

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Greenpoint sports a relaxed suburban pace and a mix of cultural wisdoms.

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The neighborhood's relative distance from Manhattan allows it to cater to intimate crowds.

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greenpoint bar eo234

In Greenpoint, interactions are personal.

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Various surrounding cafes serve the best coffee in town (my favorite, just on the corner of Franklin St and Oak called Cookie Road). A vast number or bars with outdoor sitting and lovely restaurants will easily become highlights of your stay. The closest bodegas, which are small convenient stores stocked for your most immediate needs, are open very late."

Warehouses Repurposed Into Creative Spaces

greenpoint consignment store eo139

Greenpoint upholds Brooklyn's artistically-inclined reputation. Warehouses, storehouses, and simple spaces reflect the many talents of the neighborhood's eclectic population.

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Musicians, designers, and collectors find solace in Greenpoint's stylishly unconventional boutiques and shops.

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The Greenpoint neighborhood is filled with a mix of families and young professionals. It is an extremely safe area."

Views of Manhattan from Greenpoint's Perspective

manhattan views eo075
east river waterfront nyc eo074

Nature lovers need not despair. It's easy to relax along the river while visions of Manhattan's grandeur rise in the distance.

greenpoint riverside picnic eo187
mccarren park brooklyn eo185
greenpoint park sunshine eo195
east river views eo072
movie shoot brooklyn park eo196
Our neighborhood is a hotspot for travelers who enjoy good restaurants, bars, shopping, music and nightlife. Amazing views of Manhattan, great parks and bike friendly roads make Greenpoint great for outdoor activities. We are also lucky to be living in one of the safest and most desirable neighborhoods in New York City."


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