Bohemians, body builders, beach volleyball players, and epic skateboarders share the boardwalk.

An unconventional enclave along Los Angeles' coast, Venice combines alternative values with counter-culture street cred. A carnival atmosphere permeates throughout this beach town, emanating from its fire-breathing street performers and its spoken-word sidewalk expressionists. Venice may be over ten miles away from Downtown, but its endearingly outlandish mixture of upscale boutiques and seedy entertainment make the trek by bus or car infinitely worth it.

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On the Map

Venice is bordered by Culver City, Santa Monica, Del Rey, Mar Vista, and Marina Del Rey

LAX Airport: 15 minutes by car or 40 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 10 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 30 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 5 minutes by car
The Grove: 25 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

Beaches, Boardwalks and Big Muscles on LA's Coast

beach crusier surfer abbot kinney kalmbach023

Originally built with Venice, Italy as its inspiration, this canal-filled neighborhood's bungalows, boutiques, boardwalk, and beach attract thousands of visitors to the area's seaside carnival.

beach boardwalk dog carrier ghioldi056
bike love road sign kalmbach057
venice bikers wall art ghioldi098

Venice's boardwalk spans two and a half miles along the shore.

venice beach surfers senior citizens kalmbach037

Without a doubt, Venice is vibrant.

young girl smile beach kalmbach055
vintage couple big sunglasses kalmbach063

Its boundless energy keeps beachcombers and sunbathers feeling young.

venice boardwalk poster shop ghioldi067
venice hippie camper van kalmbach070
occupy venice love protester kalmbach040
venice boardwalk bikes ghioldi052

Beachside food trucks, fortune tellers, and poets-for-hire fill Venice with eats, ethereal wisdoms, and eloquent words.

venice boardwalk pizza hamburgers hotdogs ghioldi063

Its bold attitude permeates from its coast to its canals.

venice black white wall mural ghioldi010
borofsky ballerina clown kalmbach048

Less buttoned-up than any of its counterparts along the coast, Venice's atmosphere often feels circus-like.

venice carnival doghouse kalmbach056

It's merry-all-around.

Unstoppable Energy Along Venice's Boardwalk

los angeles black rose tattoos rosas shoes sunglasses ghioldi023

The energy is palpable along Venice Beach's boardwalk.

sunglasses stand sale ghioldi014
venice boardwalk jewelery postcards ghioldi012

Souvenir stalls, sunglass huts, and kitsch stands line the two and a half mile pedestrian-friendly promenade.

muscle beach ghioldi026

Home to world-famous Muscle Beach, public recreation spaces, and a locally-renowned skate park, barbells, basketball courts, and concrete bowls live between the street and the sea in Venice.

venice beach vendor park ghioldi022
muscle beach muscle man spandex ghioldi027
california beach basketball courts ghioldi025
beach skate park ghioldi044
young boy skateboarder ghioldi043
boys skateboard park ghioldi039
venice beack skatepark ghioldi038

From skate performances to street performances, Venice's Ocean Front Walk challenges, dazzles, and delights.

street performer venice sidewalk market ghioldi048
native american dancer street performer kalmbach013
venice beach crowds street performance ghioldi017
sidewalk hoola hoopers ghioldi054

It's easy to spend a day, a week, or a year amid the carnival atmosphere.

venice beach grassy knolls ghioldi033
teenage girl orange dyed hair ghioldi034
venice boardwalk crowds ghioldi032
venice medical marijuana card ghioldi057

If you don't consider crowds an ideal accompaniment to experiencing the coast, Venice's boardwalk best be avoided.

skateshop ghioldi020
la la land wall mural ghioldi049
smoke shop glass bong display ghioldi050

This seaside destination is loud, proud, and unapologetic.

dream catchers boardwalk sale ghioldi059

It's also quite friendly.

hefeweizen beer pints outdoor cafe kalmbach010

Get used to the ruckus and indulge your senses.

dog walk pit bull kalmbach032

The boardwalk is Venice, unleashed.

Beyond the Boardwalk: Venice Beach

california beach lifeguard bikini kalmbach016

Venice's actual beach gently slopes from the boardwalk to the break.

surfers late afternoon small waves kalmbach062

Compared to much of the California coastline, Venice Beach is quite wide.

venice beach strip bike pathy kalmbach007
kite surfer kalmbach036
sunset kite surfer beach kalmbach073

Its expanse of sand offers plenty of sun-warmed real estate to post-up while you wait for waves or wind.

venice beach young family lab puppy kalmbach017
cloud heart sky drawing kalmbach015

Venice Beach is easy to love.

orange sky sunset surf sesh kalmbach064
venice beach sunset kalmbach075

Salute the sun.

lifeguard tower sun setting kalmbach024

Until you return, Sun.

Beyond the Boardwalk: Shopping

hess surf shop hand planes ghioldi007

Boarders, bladers, groms, and moms-of-groms patronize Venice's off-the-boardwalk surf shops, beach shops, and boutiques.

abbot kinney surfshop ghioldi002
hess surfshop treehouse ghioldi003
surf shop boutique venice beach ghioldi001

Venice's most popular thoroughfare commemorates the neighborhood's founder, Abbot Kinney.

abbot kinney blvd skylark yellow jeep kalmbach031
vintage furniture store ghioldi096
hand painted converse high tops ghioldi079

From vintage thrifts to street kicks, Mr. Kinney leaves behind quite a stylish legacy.

zingara trading bohemian boutique ghioldi101
hipster leather dress shoes boots ghioldi107
mens boutique whiskey drinks ghioldi110
mens boutique shorts hats ghioldi108


the stronghold store venice ca ghioldi105

Both of you.

Beyond the Boardwalk: Dining

coffee shop cieling mural chandelier ghioldi073

Like the rest of the neighborhood, Venice's culinary atmosphere is characterized by its laid-back approach.

groundwork coffee company kalmbach051
artsy trendy hipster cafe ghioldi094

Coffee shops, outdoor cafes, and hip restaurants line Venice's coastal avenues.

flake good eats rose ave kalmbach

Many of them don't require shirt or shoes for service.

venice beach restaurant tied up dogs ghioldi100

Many of them don't even require opposable thumbs for service.

roosterfish bar abbot kinney ghioldi093
dosa truck yellow food truck kalmbach033

The first Friday of every month, gourmet food trucks take their place along Abbot Kinney and serve the masses looking for fresh-from-the-van dining.

nice venice brick restaurant ghioldi090

Venice's cadre of culinary cars and cafes are joined by beach-town feeling bars.

elvino wine shop ghioldi091
baby blues bbq kalmbach039
piccolo ristorante line outside sponto kalmbach065

Modern Architecture as Modern Art

modern lofts apartments sunset kalmbach014

Venice's architecture is as offbeat as its boardwalk lifestyle and man-made canal beginnings. Renowned architect, Frank Gehry, built his friend an observation post in the neighborhood.

woman face brick wall kalmbach044
street artist venice sidewalk ghioldi097
modern loft painted garage ghioldi076

Paint splashes everywhere in Venice.

jim morrison mural venice apartments ghioldi080

From the walls of buildings to the tops of roofs, public art is on prominent display.

starry night street mural ghioldi065
lady rollerskating venice murals ghioldi071
venice beach funky boutique hotel ghioldi072

Its apartment complexes and beach bungalows channel Venice's bohemian attitudes.

beach cottage bungalow kalmbach061
modern simple beach condo ghioldi082

So do its VW buses.

vintage vw orange van kalmbach074

Das auto.

Evening Etherealism

iconic venice sign nighttime kalmbach001

Venice continues to shine even after the sun sets.

fire dancer at night blurry lights kalmbach066

The combination of big surf, big sand, and bright lights add to its evening allure.

venice beach at night carnival ferris wheel kalmbach018

Alight for the night.


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