Arts District

The Arts District's warehouses, coffee shops, and galleries are coated, covered, and concealed in color.

Color spills from every surface among one of the city's favorite neighborhood canvases, Los Angeles' Arts District. Insatiable creative energy and unstoppable trendiness emanate from the walls of its swiftly repurposing warehouse spaces and industrial-inspired artists' lofts. Galleries, studios, and connoisseurs of coffee, cocktails, and challenging concepts crowd into this unmistakably-painted bastion for incoming artists and fresh-faced visionaries.

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On the Map

Arts District is within Downtown and bordered by Lincoln Heights, Skid Row, and Boyle Heights

LAX Airport: 25 minutes by car or 1 hour & 30 minutes by public transit
Santa Monica Pier: 25 minutes by car
Hollywood Walk of Fame: 20 minutes by car
Venice Boardwalk: 30 minutes by car
The Grove: 25 minutes by car

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Possible

An Ever-Emerging Scene In LA's Outdoor Museum

arts district outdoor cafe seating mosaics ld254

Like many of the movements it immortalizes, commemorates, and challenges, Los Angeles' Arts District experienced a renaissance of its own.

gritty graffiti blonde red dress ld051
downtown los angeles wall mural ld160

Its warehouse spaces showcase self-expressive dilapidation and reimagined artistic interpretation.

downtown la street graffiti dog walking ld392

The Arts District's exceptional frankness is as commonly scrawled along its outdoor galleries as it is hung upon the walls of its indoor venues.

arts district graffiti panels ld548

The neighborhood's candor is plainly outspoken, but never plain.

street graffiti industrial neighborhood ld0779
buffalo graffiti industrial street ld0845

It dares to make gritty look pretty.

fruit graffiti los angeles parking lot ld0806

Challenge accepted.

Culinary Arts Alive In the Arts District

handsome coffee roasters barista ld373

Keeping with the neighborhood's contemporary stylings, the Arts District infuses its once-defunct warehouse spaces with the scent of craft-coffee beans, completely vegan comfort food, and haphazardly-dashing bloggers.

shuffle board bowling pins los angeles bar ld072

In the Arts District, chefs, baristas, and bartenders are in high-demand.

arts district fine dining chef ld0832
warehouse converted restaurant beautiful pendant lamps ld425

Patio tables are in high-demand.

downtown la outdoor seating customers ld0907

Vintage couches are in high-demand.

hip restaurant vintage furniture la0811

The Arts District increases its ever-emerging reputation by playing it cool.

wurstk che belgian restaurant ld0935
wurstk che sausages belgian fries ld0947
outdoor restaurant tables ld563

Here, high-demand is the anti-corporate standard.

los angeles tonys saloon cocktails ld537

The Arts District boasts a well-sculpted culinary culture.

hipster hangouts day drinking ld175
la arts district bar restaurant ld0817

In the mood for a Sicilian slice, a single-pour dark roast, or a simple street taco?

la reyna mexican deli restaurant ld546

You won't have to canvas the neighborhood for long.

All Artisanal In the Arts District

artisan bakery kitchen bakers ld442

From consumable art to textile art, the Arts District's reputation relies on the hand-made.

los angeles cafe coffee beans for sale ld335
perfect pastry plate silverware ld489
coffee roaster arts district ld348

From personal-sized pastries to personalized stationary, the Arts District keeps it custom.

hipster boutique los angeles ld0863
home design boutique store ld0867
fine mens clothing boutique ld0895

The neighborhood's warehouse spaces' natural light illuminates the importance of exacting craftsmanship.

modern home design store ld0745
arts district kitchen ware boutique ld0751

The Arts District defines craftmanship.

expensive home clothing boutique ld0742


Industrial Roots Remain In the Arts District

arts district industrial area dog walking ld269

The Arts District's wide streets and wider warehouses serve as relics to its industrial past.

color painted warehouses ld200

They serve as nods to its repurposed future.

los angeles megatoys warehouse ld098
downtown la street overpass ld157

Loading-dock doorways and brick facades add character to LA's creative escape.

old brick warehouses los angeles ld287

It's easy to check it out.

los angeles metrolink ld110

Get a move on.


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