North End

Cafes, striped awnings, and revered Italian restaurants populate Boston's popular North End.

Revered for its intimate atmosphere, stellar dining options, and landmark status, North End’s slanting apartment buildings, humble churches, and narrow alleyways conjure visions of old Europe. Rusted iron fire escapes and striped green awnings hang above North End’s various Italian pastry shops, cafes, and fine-dining restaurants. Stay in the neighborhood and you’ll be playing bocce ball with a man named Frankie faster than you can finish your cannoli—a treasured North End treat.

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On the Map

North End is bordered by Government Center, Charlestown, Downtown, Financial District, and West End

Boston Common: 7 minutes on the T
Logan International Airport: 9 minutes on the T or 10 minutes by car
Downtown Boston: 5 minutes on the T
Harvard Square: 15 minutes on the T

  • Public transit is Possible
  • Having a car is Difficult

A Quaint Boston Neighborhood With Italian Influences

cafe vittoria kte10

Boston's North End neighborhood isn't acting like Little Italy.

pushcar pizzeria kte09

It's simply a little slice of Italy.

italian flag window kte01

Italian Pride signs have long festooned the window frames of North End's cafes, galleries, and pastry shops.

caffe paradiso kte31

Laundry has long since draped from second-story windows.

woman drinking coffee kte16
lady in cafe kte26

Coffee and espresso have always been key components to a day in the North End.

pariziales bakery kte02

Simply put, the neighborhood's allure enchants.

paul revere statue kte17

Statues dedicated to Boston heroes like Paul Revere ride mightily through North End's endearingly cramped public spaces.

public park north end kte11
freedom trail kte30

The story goes that the North End's Old North Church delivered Revere's lamp-lit signal to the world: The British are coming.

regina pizza beer wine kte24

Less fuss ensues when the British visit the North End now.

north end street corner kte22
north end intersection kte14
polcars coffee kte29

With its black shutters, red brick, and ground-floor cafes, who could stay away?

florentine cafe kte04

The North End possesses an untouchable kind of magic.

prince postale grocery kte08
corner cafe north end kte07

It's like pixie dust.

evening view boston kte33

Perhaps it's confectioner's sugar.

The Sweet Spot

coffee chocolate eclairs kte06

Classic Italian confections, saccharine sweets, and bitter espressos take the cake in the North End.

market north end kte27
man ordering food kte20

The battle for the best pastry shop presses on.

chocolate pastry kte21
chocolate eclairs kte18

Mike's Pastry? Modern Pastry? Who's to say?

espresso kte23

You'll be back to finish that.

The Savory Spot

woman serving italian food kte36

In the North End, artisanal pastries are crafted with care. They're not the only items made with love.

caprese sandwhich kte05
hand made pasta kte12

Caprese sandwiches on fresh bread and hand-pulled pasta in just-the-right-amount-of-marinara make mouths water.

garlic bread kte03

The North End's never-ending parade of decadence beckons even the finest Italian fare connoisseurs.

cheese shop north end kte35

You'll be glad you heeded its call.

North End at Night

north end night kte45

As the sun sets and lights illuminate the North End's crooked side streets, the neighborhood's romance magnifies.

boston night street corner kte44
bovas bakery kte41
north end intersection kte40
boston night skyline kte37

It's never too late to buy from your local bakery.

bovas bakery kte43

We understand. We're sweet on the North End, too.

artu cafe kte42

It's amore.


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Kristin Teig

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Kristin Teig is an editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in food and lifestyle photography. She grew up in San Diego, studied painting in Italy, and is now based in Boston. She loves the unexpected situations and connections that occur through photography. While out with her camera in the North End, she met some locals on the street and ended up joining them for a meal.